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    What can I say? Quality all the way… although I cant speak for it all as we were 3 hours late!Damn that London traffic…

    After reading all the posts its clear everyones in agreement that some special stuff happened on Saturday, and its encouraging to see the scene growing more with time.
    I’m an emcee and was really impressed with the ‘family’ vibe that was going on, its refreshing to see everyone giving others props.

    Heavy sets that stuck in my mind were the German champ (and his phone!), BB Burns and Shlomo(heavy drum and bass shizznit goin on..)
    I give props to those cos I know the names but everyone who performed can be proud of themselves cos they put on an amazing show.

    Breaking Bread was excellent too, beatboxers breakers and open mic, plus a special apperance from Jehst and Mr.Parker ( unexpected and much appreciated!)

    Big Up A+ for all the work he put in, and keep us up to date on the championships…

    Nice one again lads, well in.


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