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5 Beatboxers That Needs to be on Drop the Mic

Drop the Mic and Jaw Dropping Beatbox

On October 24th, beatboxer KRNFX did a live performance for TBS in promotion for their new show “Drop the Mic”. The show’s premise has celebrities rap battle against one another, flinging burns and jabs a la “8 Mile” style. The show is a spin off of the Late Late Show segment with the same name and features their on-call beatboxer, Joshua Silverstein.

We were pleasantly surprised when a 30 second commercial for the show popped up on YouTube. Not because we like 30 second commercials on YouTube, but because it was just of KRNFX’s showcase. At the end of the commercial, the host re-announced KRNFX and then the title of the show came up. That was it!

Studio Executives are finally getting it. Beatbox is on the rise in mainstream culture and can GAIN views! If any studio executives out there are reading this, we got your back!

Here are five(ish) beatboxers who would kill it on a network TV show.


Lets start the list with the powerhouse that is Kenny Urban and Neil “NaPoM” Meadows. The two beatboxers have impressed audiences around the world as K-PoM. The two are the 2014 American Beatbox Championships tag team winners and individually are beatbox champions in numerous international competitions. Both have crazy amounts of sounds, as seen in the video, and an array of heavy covers. Both live in Brooklyn and are a part of a collective known as the Beatbox House.
The video shown above is a competition in Poland, the "Dance Battle to the Beatbox" (bland name, we know). Watch the video with good headphones or speakers to understand the judges’ reaction. 

Amit Bhowmick

Hip Hop beatboxer and a member of the Beatbox House, Amit is one our favorite beatboxers. One thing rappers need in a beatboxer is solid timing. And the metronome in Amit’s soul is where his beats come from. Amit is the only one on this list we believe can absolutely kill it week after week on a show like Drop the Mic solo. He has the experience beatboxing for rap and hip hop. In fact, the better the rapper, the stronger Amit’s performance gets. Nothing like the energy of a great lyricist to get a beatboxer’s blood pumping!
His video was recently reposted by Tommy Lee's Instagram. If seasoned drummers can see the talents in this beatboxer, studio executive should as well. 


Slizzer is an old school beatboxer at heart but is as current as anyone in this list. He is from Luxembourg and is a master looper, someone who uses a loopstation to create layered music, having competed in loopstation battles, similar to a turntable battle except beatbox instead of vinyl records. Why pay for a full band when you can have one beatboxer making full tracks? See, TV Networks, we are saving you money! Feel free to pay the beatboxers double!

Faya Braz

French Beatboxer and an old school hiphop head, Faya Braz is a walking hiphop encyclopedia. Faya is able to create layers and layers of melody and beats on a loopstation making viewers wonder, when the hell did he even record that? Faya Braz is if the Fat Boys and Biz Markie had a french baby. He was a guest teacher at World Beatbox Camp and works as a professional beatboxer. He also has never been to America and has been dying to go. Just saying.


And last on the list, is another beatboxing duo, Chris Celiz and Gene Shinozaki are two impressive beatboxers. Chris is the founder of the group, The Beatbox House, and Gene has been featured on "So You Think You Can Dance" with dancer, John Tesoriero
Together, they have a wide range of music they can create on the spot. The video shown above showcases their non-standard music they can come up with, giving an eastern flair, inspired by their favorite movies. If K-PoM is the aggressive crunk style of beatbox, SpiderHorse is the emotional cinematic style of beatbox.

Beatbox Career Day

This is an incredible time for beatboxers. Beatboxing is at a whole new level and people want more!

Dear, Studio Executives, the line starts here. If you want to get in contact with these amazing beatboxers, and why wouldn’t you, contact us and we will find you a beatboxer that can drop the mic and your jaws.

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