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8 Things beatboxers to differently

8 Things Top Beatboxers Do Differently

Top beatboxers have top quality habits.

If you seriously want to take your beatboxing to the next level, here are a few things you can do to help with your beatboxing career.

1. Meet someone new everyday

Every person you meet is a chance to hear a new story or share a point of view, and an opportunity to open to new doors. If you challenge yourself to meet at least one new person everyday, you will expand your network, exposing you to both professional and learning opportunities.

2. Practice “20 seconds of insane courage”

This is a little tip just in case you feel like you’re not leveling up. There will be moments when you want to do something new, approach someone, say yes to a big performance, or send an email to one of your musical heroes. Practice just 20 seconds of insane courage, when you muster up the energy and bravery to just do it.

Push yourself to push you out of your comfort zone. Whether it works or not, you’ll feel much better having tried, and eventually, you may see doors open!

3. Learn something new

Picking up a new hobby or learning a new language will exercise different areas of your brain, which will ultimately boost your creativity and help you with your beatboxing. By seeking knowledge outside of beatboxing and maybe even music, you’ll be able to draw connections and inspiration from the most unexpected places.

4. Take a break and have fun

Following up from the last tip, this could also mean taking a break from beatboxing all together. Taking some time to rest and get your mind out of your beatbox bubble will help you not only ease your anxiety, but also give you a more grounded perspective of where you stand.

And it’s always important to have a life outside of beatbox to take in new perspectives, but it’s also super important to have fun and do what makes you happy!

5. Plan your finances

This is a topic that isn’t really mentioned when it comes down to beatboxing, but money is always a struggle for beatboxers. Focusing on landing gigs is great, but it’s just as important to have financial goals and organization. Consider how often you have to busk, how many shows you need to have, and when you need to say “no” to going out?

Will you be making money from Youtube? What about selling an EP? Busking? Licensing music?

Becoming financially responsible will play a huge part of your success and will help you stay mindful of what gigs and shows you want to be shooting for.

You must be able to make sacrifices and live a modest life before you make it big - chasing money could be a very slippery slope.

6. Take care of the body

Taking care of the body shows that you’re serious about yourself as a human being and as an artist. This means working out (which will help with your breathing), practicing good oral hygiene, and eating right. Like a professional guitarist will take care of his guitar, you should take care of your instrument - which

7. Stay humble

If there is one thing the top beatboxers like Reeps One, Kenny Urban, NaPoM, Gene, K.I.M., Dharni, and Alem share is one quality: humbleness. They exemplify what it means to be part of the beatbox family, setting a firm example for the rest of the community.

Confidence on stage and humbleness off stage is key.

8. Read and continue learning

Whether it’s reading our articles here on [shameless plug], or reading books about something absurdly new, you should always remain curious about the world.

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