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Album Review: Welcome to Buffalo by Johnny Buffalo

Review: Welcome to Buffalo

Type: Album, EP 
Channel: Johnny Buffalo
Available on: Spotify, Pandora, iHeart, iTunes
Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Press Release

Professional beatboxer, guitarist and producer Johnny Buffalo​ is combining electronic, metal, rock and vocal sounds to create an entirely new sonic experience with the release of upcoming EP “Welcome to Buffalo”. The work contains two “sides” or tracks like a conventional EP, in addition to a bonus track and fan favorite. Much like the style of Johnny himself, it is a piece of classical and traditional aesthetic and mindset that defies genre in all its facets.

A celebrated performer and an expert musician, (with a dual degree from SUNY Fredonia in both sound recording technology and classical guitar), Johnny has already graced the stage with in all types of venues, from the famed ​Carnegie Hall​, to the ​​Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival​ and the Trinity Hip Hop Festival (where he opened for ​Talib Kweli​). His experiences and multifaceted range of genres (from rock, hip-hop, metal and beyond) has allowed him to perform internationally, from Toronto, to Berlin, to Krakow with the multitude of groups he has worked with, including the popular a cappella group Backtrack Vocals, who most recently appeared on ​Steve Harvey’s daytime show,​ and on Broadway’s Kinky Boots​.​ For his solo project, Johnny combines his multitude of experience with electronic trap and hip hop production, as well as his fluid knowledge of rock and classical guitar in addition to his own beatboxing powers.

Now available for pre-sale, “​Welcome to Buffalo (EP)” ​will be readily available on ​Friday, August 29th, 201​9 for streaming and purchase on all music platforms (Spotify, Pandora, iHeart, iTunes, etc.), following the release of singleCrestwood Ave​ off the album, released on August 3rd, 2019.

johnny buffalo Welcome to cover art

“This project is a combination of what I love most in music,'' said Johnny Buffalo. “I started playing guitar at the age of 14, influenced heavily by classic rock artists like Jimi Hendrix, eventually moved on to metal, and then studied classical guitar in college. After becoming a professional beatboxer, my love for trap and instrumental hip hop grew. This project is a combination of both of those worlds: synth and rock guitar over trap and hip hop production ”

“I wrote these songs to show that both sides can exist simultaneously in the same track,'' says Buffalo. “It was a personal breakthrough, because I would get in my head and limit myself to making tracks that sound the same throughout. To me, this shows that we all have different sides that make us up, and instead of trying to limit ourselves, we should embrace all of the differences within us because that's what makes us who we are.” To further build upon this, Johnny frequently performs live around New York City, and has headlined shows with organizations like SoFar Sounds, and Wonderville. He is a part of a new wave of electronic music that focuses around performance, something that is rarely seen in the electronic musical sphere. Everything is performed live on stage, with Buffalo switching between guitar, beatboxing, keys, and bass. It is a truly unique sound and performance experience.

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