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TOP 16 | 2016 online beatbox battles

Announcement! Top 16 | 2016 Online Beatbox Battles

Here are the top 16 submissions for the 2016 Online Beatbox Battle!

First and foremost, we're super excited to have seen so many incredible submissions come in this year along with the nine countries that are being represented. With 73 to choose from, the judges had a very difficult time ranking and choosing the top 16 of the best videos, but we've finally managed to do it. With that being said, let's jump right in to see the top 16 contestants who will make it onto the championship bracket for Saturday's battle.

16. Double-M | Morocco

15. CTB | USA

14. Exacto | USA

13. Epos | United Kingdom

12. MuBintao | China

11. Inertia | USA

10. Walter | Mexico

9. Piratheeban | Singapore

Private entry! If you're his friend on Facebook click this link to watch:

8. ChengCheng| China

7. Nive | Canada

6. CiMaX | Canada

5. Nemesis | USA

4. Veko | Canada

3. Mr. Wobbles | USA

2. MR Dimple | Malaysia

1. Hiss | South Korea

We have 4 substitutes!

In case there is a last minute mishap where one of the top 16 contestants can not make it, these following four contestants will take their place.

1. ArielFX | Costa Rica

2. D-Koy | USA

3. Azel | Italy

4. Karloz |Chile

The final brackets

This will be the battle order according to the seeding of the online submission scores!

2016 online beatbox battle brackets

Join us for the online battles!

You can join the battles live on Saturday, December 17th, starting at 10 AM US Eastern Time through the app, Discord. For more information, click here!


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