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Beatbox Art 'Conscience'

by Kalim 'Tangent' Bartlett

Hey Gavin this was my end of Uni Art Piece I did in 2009. I saw your post about beatboxing and university assignments. This piece combines beatboxing with visual arts and has a very post modern concept behind it. Check it out. Love and Beatbox

Part one of my final university Project Titled Conscience. Combining beatboxing and special effects, conscience is a a piece of work that visually stimulates the conscious eye. The colored balls represents the inward struggle I have with my lower nature, the beatboxing is the artistic tool that helps me fight this struggle I have with myself.

Part two, Conscience is a conceptual piece of art that transcribes the relationship I have with my higher and lower nature. The different coloured balls relates to the tension I have within myself. The beatboxing is the visual tool which helps me combat this struggle


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