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Chakrabreaker and the Jukebag

Beatboxers are building a backpack speaker for busking!

Two beatboxers are building a portable beatbox speaker called Jukebag

Meet Raphael and Felix, the Austrian entrepreneurs who are working hard to make a portable backpack speaker specifically for beatboxers to FINALLY meet all our busking needs. **Note: Raphael and Felix sponsored this post -- we are happy to help get the word out about their project!

The founders of Jukebag

The founders of Jukebag, Raphael and Felix

What is Jukebag?

Jukebag is a sleek combination of a backpack and a speaker, making it super easy for beatboxers to go out and perform on the streets. It’s slick, looks sick, and shows great promise for beatboxers and music enthusiasts who are ready for a spontaneous party or a busking gig.


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The Vision

The founders Raphael and Felix told us here at that they’re super excited about the potential Jukebag holds. Their dream is to provide a way for beatboxers to share their music in places where it might not have been possible before.

Eon, also popularly known as Swishbeatbox, is helping them along their journey as well. As someone who has been prototyping the product, describes it as "very esh" primarily because "makes you feel so mighty!"

First look at the exciting new technology designed just for beatboxers

First look at the exciting new technology designed just for beatboxers

The shiny specs

Here’s what we can expect from the Jukebag:

  • 6 Hours of battery runtime
  • 64WH Capacity
  • The loudspeaker covered with a sturdy membrane projects at a whopping 96 decibels at 10 watts
    • That’s louder than an average lawn mower and the noise level of a New York City subway car
  • An auxiliary cord input to connect to your music device or phone
  • 2 microphone inputs for beatbox jam sessions
  • Comfortable backpack straps, which Eon likes to wear in front of him
  • Weight of 3.5 kilograms or 7.7 pounds. In laymen’s terms, is the equivalent weight of a newborn baby

And our favorite feature of them all? Surround sound capabilities!

Jukebag integrates innovative technology where they can be synced and provide full surround sound capabilities. So if you and your friends decide to invest in these bad boys, you can double and triple your power. Sweet.

How can we get one?

They’re still fixing up the final version of the Jukebag and will begin a crowdfunding campaign in the near future. They’ve promised to send us the prototype to review as soon as it’s ready. We’ll be sure to keep you updated, but in the meantime, here's a glimpse of the working prototype.

Where can we follow and support Jukebag?

Official websiteFacebook Page | Instagram


  1. kbbx 22 December, 2016 at 06:14

    This looks so cool.. if they price it right, it’ll probably do really well.

    I’d probably market it as a more general “busking backpack” though, since there are more buskers who sing/play guitar, than those who beatbox

    Really excited to see where this leads.

    • Jon Park 22 December, 2016 at 14:15

      Definitely – there’s so much potential for the product, especially with the surround sound capabilities where you can sync it with other people with the backpacks on. They said they’ll send one over to us very soon – I can’t wait to try it out haha!

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