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5 Beatboxers to check out if you liked BigMan

5 Beatboxers to Check Out If You Liked Bigman

Bigman is Making it Big, Man.

Although Bigman was always on the radar in the local Korean beatbox community, his global popularity seems to have popped up from nowhere. However, for HBB readers, we've kept close tabs on him and his talent speaks for itself.

Way too often do we see viral beatboxers come and go, but Bigman tells a different story. This high schooler's integration of musicality with flush and new school beatbox sounds showed the world what our art form is all about.

Whether you've seen Bigman on Ellen, or stumbled across his viral video on Facebook, you liked him enough to search for more videos like Bigman. So here you go! Here are five other beatboxers like Bigman that you must check out.

1. Gene Shinozaki | USA

Gene Shinozaki' is one of the first beatboxers to compose experimental and flavorful songs using new school beatbox techniques. His incredible understanding of music theory coupled with his genius sound crafting (like his polyphonic techniques) earned him the title as one of the most respected beatboxers in the community.

We believe he single-handedly shifted the beatbox community's preferences away from difficult but gimmicky sounds and directed it to music that can be enjoyed by everyone. His silky smooth style of using multiple beatbox techniques to create a single melody was undoubtedly widely influential to newer beatboxers. Even Bigman cites Gene as an influence.

2. Sh0h | Japan

The self-dubbed "Human Disco" is one of the smoothest and classiest beatboxers to come out of Japan. Known for his groovy style, Sh0h will always leave your head bobbing sideways. Learn more about his beatboxing in his TedxTokyo video.

3. Mr. Dimple | Malaysia

If you're still craving more viral-worthy beatbox videos, you've come to the right place. Mr. Dimple from Malaysia is the champion of incredibly difficult covers and this cover of Where Are Ü Now is the perfect testament to that claim. Before Mr. Dimple popped up on the scene, no one had any idea that the J. Biebes was so beatbox-able!

4. Babeli | Germany

You can probably hear Bigman’s inspiration in the beginning of this video. Babeli is a highly decorated Germany beatboxer and a brilliant musician who was way ahead of his time. For the curious, the technique is a fast transition between a regular singing voice and Tuvan Throat singing. Think of it as extreme yodeling.

5. Codfish | Australia

Another beatboxer who wonderfully adopted Babeli's technique is our friend from Australia, Codfish. Primarily known for his viral videos of beatboxing while playing video games, Codfish continues to take the community by storm.

This brilliant cover of "No Diggity" is not only a wonderful showcase of his talent but his interruption from laughing also sheds light on what our community is all about. We're all family here.

Who's Your Favorite?

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