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Consonant Rhyme (2005)

by Miyashiro

Check out this e-zine about beatboxing and vocal percussion from member Miyashiro.

Click on the image to view the magazine in a new window (note: you will need FLASH to play this).


  • 3rd anniversary
  • Exclusive interviews
  • Interview with a brazilian vocal percussionista called Cicero Melo
  • An article about live-looping
  • A review about Cicero Melo instructional video

Thanks to: A-Plus, aRRO, Cicero Melo, Leejay, Wandan, Mark Splinter, Eliot, Shlomo, Andrew Chaikin (Kid Beyond), Poizunus, Michael D´Elia, Tyte, Each, Tony Brown, Effex, S.J. and Archangel.

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