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Dana McKeon - Street Art

Beatboxer, Singer and guitarist, Dana McKeon's has released her debut single 'Street Art'.

Dana's skilful and heart-felt songwriting is matched by powerful arrangements and slick production. The song begins with Dana's trademark beatboxing but soon captivates the listener with her glowing vocals and catchy chorus. My 15-year old daughter walked into the room while Street Art was playing and she immediately asked, "Dad - who's this?" Dana now has two fans in the TyTe household. The video that accompanies Street Art features Malta's first ever Reverse Graffiti project by the world-renowned Moose Curtis. Reverse street art is where the artist creates artwork by using cleaning materials to clean away the urban dust and dirt rather than by applying paint. This is wonderfully juxtaposed with Dana who forms a painted piece of human graffiti art at the beginning of the video but reveals her true self at the end as the reverse graffiti is revealed.

Dana writes, "HERE IT IS! After months and months of hard work, I'm so stoked to be able to share the music video for my debut single 'Street Art' with you all A massive THANK YOU to each and every one of you for the incredible support - it means the world to me!"

I can't describe how good this is. The music, the video. One thing is for sure, Dana's debut single is a work of art.

The debut single 'Street Art' is taken from her "Street Art" EP, to be released in April 2014.

EP Launch dates:

LONDON - 28th March
MALTA - 4th April


Written & Composed by Dana McKeon
Produced & Recorded by Treana Morris, Vernon Lake, Daniel Cassar, Dana McKeon
Main Vocals & Beatbox - Dana McKeon
Backing Vocals - Treana Morris, Vernon Lake, Dana McKeon
Instrumentation - Treana Morris, Vernon Lake, Dana McKeon, Daniel Cassar

MUSIC VIDEO by Take 2 Entertainment
Concept & Story - Dana McKeon, Carlos Debattista, Abigail Mallia
Director - Abigail Mallia
Production - Mirko Galea, Julian Calleja
Director of Photography - Mirko Galea
Camera - Isaac Fenech
Assistant Director - Julian Calleja
Editing - Abigail Mallia
Colouring - Mirko Galea
Makeup, Hair & Body Art - Justin Brincat
UV & Reverse Graffiti - Moose Curtis, Amands Ericsson

"Street Art" EP
Photography by Pink Portico
Artwork by Andrea Meli

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