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French Power and More! | Top 10 Videos of the Week

Hello to all of your beautiful faces! Welcome to HBB's Top 10 Videos of The Week! It's here where we show you some of the hottest beatbox videos from the past week. We love showing a range of beatbox content like shoutouts, loopstation songs, and battles! We have so much to show you this week! So what are we waiting for?

Let's get this party started!

10) AUDICAL vs Rayul / FINALS - Midwest Beatbox Battle 2018

This is the final round of the Midwest Beatbox Battle 2018, competition that has a long history in American beatbox. The battle reminds us of the Midwest 2014 finals, the battle between two rising new school beatboxers at that time: NapoM and Villian. Just like them in 2014, Audical and Rayul surely making their predecessors proud.

9) HOOKED | Beatboxology Musicality Beatbox Champion 2018

This is a good example of the musicality in beatbox. We want to see more of this in the future! Big up to HOOKED!

8) Alexinho / Beatbox Battle World Champion 2018

It’s been around six months since Alexinho won his first Beatbox Battle World Championship. And this world champion is back with some world class beats! Also, glad to see the BTV shout-outs again!

7) Madox | STAY (Loopstation Remix)

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When an already accomplished beatboxer can also play loopstation and produce a great music video, this is what happens. Big up to Madox for his awesome talents!

6) BREZ vs LEXIE T | French Loopstation Beatbox Championship 2018 | Final

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Awesome final round between two world class loopstation beatboxers! Big up to French community for always pushing beatbox forward.

5) Audical | Beatbox To World Wildcard 2019

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First of all, what a wildcard! In our opinion, this might be one of the best Beatbox To World wildcards ever submitted this year. Good luck Audical!

4) CHEZAME | ELIMINATION | German Beatbox Championship 2018

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Chezame is back again in German Beatbox Championship 2018! Fresh routines and professional stage presence! And awesome crowd, not to mention!

3) RHETT | Australian Beatbox Championship 2018 | Elimination

We’re seeing so many fresh stuffs from Australian Beatbox Championship so far! RHETT’s elimination round was one of the best ones we’ve found, which happends to be also one of Codfish’s favorite eliminations according to his comment on this video. His unique and powerful drum and bass routine surely caught the audience off guard!

2) CNFH | Bataco vs Zhang Ze | China Fight House Session

A fantasy battle between two world class Asian beatboxers. Big up to these two legends!

1) PACMax 🇫🇷 | 16 Year Old French Prodigy (World Beatbox Championship 2018)

Another French power coming from 16 year old! His flow and technics make it unbelievable that he is still a teenager. Remember his name everyone, because this promising young gentleman could be your new world champion in the near future.

Aaaaaand that's a wrap!

Thank you all so much for checking out this week's Top 10! Do you agree with the list? Did we miss something? Make sure to let everyone know in the comments below! For more HBB goodness, you can follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our Youtube channel! Come to the website because we always have fresh articles lined up for your reading pleasure. As always, we hope to see you all next week! Esh!

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