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Funding & Grants (UK)

by Subminor


A grant could be used for many things such as equipment, travelling costs, venues or paying for performers. If you are a member of a local youth club you can apply for equipment for your club for you to use and expand your beatboxing. But how can you get hold of one?

First thing to do is check with your local council website to see what’s available. Most local councils have some sort of youth (13 – 19 year olds) or community funding for projects and Ideas that are constructive and that have the potential to draw in more young people. Or you can talk to your local youth workers.


This sort of funding usually has a set limit for the year which the council must spend. If they don’t the money doesn’t roll into the following year. They want to spend it. This can make them open to negotiation, especially if you’ve got a really good idea such as beatboxing activities. Have a read through what they are offering and see if you or your ideas tick the boxes.

I applied for mine through a Youth Fund; however I’m 24 and too old for it. I was working closely with a local youth club who could see the potential and applied on my behalf.

Request or download an application form. You will need to outline what your project involves and how it will benefit the community and young people. (I.e. make them feel safer / happier / more knowledgeable / secure / gain new skills). You will also need to state how much money you are applying for and breakdown what you will be spending it on. Don’t be scared to apply for more money than what you need. If you get the full amount then it’s a bonus, otherwise they may offer you slightly under what you applied for.

I recommend you speak with youth workers or members of the funding council before you send your application. This will give you a better insight as to what they are expecting and what they are likely to approve. This also makes them aware of who you are and what you do. They may even help you write it!!

SEND IT – But keep in touch with the people you’ve been talking to. They’ll be able to tell you any progress or meetings that happen. They may also want you to come to one of the meetings to discuss your plans and how it will work. Be prepared for it. With any luck, they’ll approve it.

My application took a little longer than usual to go through as it was more complicated. A youth club were applying on my behalf and essentially giving me the equipment. I have agreed to do several workshops for the youth service in return. I get guaranteed workshops and they get guaranteed benefit from the equipment. It’s also much easier to get people booking me as in essence I’m offering them free, but I’ve already been paid.

Other ways of Funding

Not all funding needs to come from council or government organisations. Check out these websites:

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