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Icebox Beatbox Tutor

The Icebox Beatbox Tutor is a Flash Beatbox beat-pattern generator developed in 2005.

Note: You need to be able to play Flash (swf) movies to make the Icebox Beatbox Tutor work.

Launch the Icebox Beatbox Tutor

Click on the image to launch the tutor in a new screen:

Launch Icebox Beatbox Tutor
Launch the beatbox tutor fullscreen!


The Icebox Beatbox Tutor has a main panel and four floating windows which may be opened and dragged to different screen positions or closed:

The Main Panel


The main panel has 26 sound buttons and 4 central buttons that allow you to see the 4 windows. Underneath the buttons are 3 tracks with 16 spaces for sounds.

If you hover over a sound button you can hear that sound and the sound keyboard letter is displayed in the information window.

In each track sound space you can type the keyboard letter for that sound.

You can stop or play and set the tempo for each of the 3 tracks. The tempo must be an integer (whole) number between 0 and 9.

The Information Window


When you hover over a sound button this window displays the name of the sound and the keyboard key press for that sound. You can then enter the sounds in the sound spaces in each track.

The Play Controls Window


Clear All - clears all tracks so they have empty spaces.

The tempo number combined with the Set Tempo button sets the tempo for all tracks. The tempo must be an integer between 0 and 9.

The Stop, Pause and Play controls control all three tracks.

The volume control is a master control for the volume of all three tracks.

The Metronome Window


The metronome window allows you to select a tempo for the beat pattern. You can enter a decimal value between 0 and 7.5. This metronome is independent from the beat pattern tempo.

The Beat Generator Window


Yep. Not exactly sure how this works.

The 4, 8 and 16 button choose whether to automatically generate patterns of 4, 8 or 16 sounds.

The big number increases the amount of sounds created when the Generate button is used.


Here's an example of three tracks that can be programmed with the Icebox. Click to view larger image.


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