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MPC - Widen Your Sounds

by Primeloops

Increase the stereo image of your sounds on the MPC


Widening your sounds on the MPC

Here’s a neat technique you can use on your Akai MPC (whichever MPC version you are using…) to give your sounds a fat stereo edge. This technique works great for synths, Vocal samples & instruments. It’s a commonly used trick amongst MPC Beatmakers, and it works great!

Import/Load a sample into your MPC. Now take that sound, and copy it in the ‘Trim Screen’ Section>New Sound. Now you want to load the new sound onto one of your MPC pads, you can set the beginning of your new sound in the Trim Screen when you wish.

Now use your MPC mixer to Pan one sound all the way to the right and the other sound all the way to the left, playing both these panned sounds together will give you a richer, stereo sound which can really boost and widen samples.

If you want to take it further, duplicate multiple sounds using the technique above, and pan them accordingly (Left/Right) or try adding a layer and ‘detuning’ one of the samples a few notches up or down for interesting effects!

Have Fun!

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