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5 Reasons to Go to the Beatbox Legends Championship 2017

Get hyped for the Beatbox Legends Championship!

BuzzBeats recently announced their International beatbox competition hosted in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on July 1st and 2nd, featuring the Beatbox House, Beatbox Television, and (that's us!). But why should you go? Here are the 5 biggest reasons to make it out this year.

5. It's the Only Battle In the South

The Southern community has been yearning for a battle that didn't require a flight or 12-hour drive for years now. The other corners of the country have battles and events regularly, so why shouldn't the South? Plus, with Midwest being moved to October, a new event during the summer is just what the beatbox community needs.

4. It Will Feature the Best of the Best

Some of the best beatboxers from America (and Canada!) will be there. A lot of America's top 16 are competing (Komodo, TylaDubya, etc.), and local legends (Recognize, Rayul, etc.) will be looking to make a name for themselves. This battle is going to be the stiffest competition around, so even if you're planning on spectating, being there is better than being square.

3. Winner Gets a BTV Video and HBB Interview

The winner of the event will be given a studio session with Adam Andrew Corre's Beatbox Television (who supplied the content for these dope GIFs btw)! All of the battles will be posted to this channel as well. The winner will also get an exclusive interview with HBB (that's us again!) and a special prize to be announced at the event. You won't want to miss this!

2. Gene and NaPoM Will Be There

Beatbox House's very own Neil "NaPoM" Meadows and Gene "Gene" Shinozaki will be judging the eliminations and battles for the event! The Grand Beatbox Battle Champions are eager to hear your talent and interact more with our community. If you want to meet the 2x American Champions and have them judge your skills, you better make it out to this event!

1. The Chance To Be A Legend

This is going to be one of the biggest annual events in America. People from across the nation, and even internationally, will be making the trip to this iconic event. Coming to the first annual Beatbox Legends Championship makes for a story you will pass down to future generations of beatboxers. Competing will be a historical event, and winning... well... winning will make you a LEGEND.

Want to find out more about this event?

The Facebook page for this event has all the information you will need for housing options, registration, tickets for competitors and spectators, and more info! If you have any specific questions, you can reach out to GT BuzzBeats through Facebook Messenger using the link below, or send an email to [email protected]

Facebook Event Page | GT BuzzBeats | Beatbox Television

You cannot miss this event. This will be a testament to everything great about beatboxing: the community, the music, the competition, the skill, and most importantly, the family. See you there.

Honorable Mention

HBB's very own Jon Park will be a judge at the event! If you want to meet the Co-owner of, he's excited to meet you too!

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