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Recording and Uploading Beats

Words by S.J and Ill Pill

(This article is now out of date but worth keeping for the history aspect!)

Here’s a detailed description on how to upload beats to soundclick and angelfire .. and what the best recording program is .. this goes out to all the battlers that say they can kick everyone’s ass but don’t know how to record and upload .. no excuses now haha .. now, hope it helps!


The easiest program to use would be the Windows Sound recorder. (I know its rubbish, but it’s surprising how many people don’t know about it). So you could use this to just mess around on. It can be found in “Start – Programs – Accessories – Entertainment – Sound Recorder” but it only allows you to record for 1 minute and stops, it will continue recording, but you have to press record a second time, and it will only let you save in WAV format. Annoying! Another program that comes with Windows by default is Windows Movie Maker.

To start recording on that program, click the button. As soon as you do that click the Start Narration button. Each time you record you have to save it in order to listen to it...a bit annoying.

The majority of the site use:


Acid Pro


Adobe Audition (formerly Cool Edit Pro)

You could find these programs somewhere on the Internet if you look hard enough... [hint] Kazza or even better Limewire [/hint] [Though we're not promoting that you do this ]

Another good program is Goldwave.

Make sure you save your Beatboxing clips in MP3 format and not WAV, firstly because WAV files are HUGE and will take up your web space, but mainly because listeners that have a 56k dial up will not want to wait 20 minutes to download a 1 minute clip.

Storing your files on the Internet

A lot of you won’t have a Web site. At the moment, the best one to me is either Soundclick or Angelfire. You get 20MB free storage space with angelfire, and never seems to run out of bandwidth! So sign up to that. Here’s how to upload files to angelfire. (or below this is a detailed explanation on how to upload to soundclick).

Uploading to angelfire

Once you have signed up, click on "web shell" (it is at the bottom of the list in the top left hand corner), look toward the bottom of your screen, and there will be a button called "Browse". Click on that and a little window will pop up, search for the clip you want to upload and double click it, this will now have put the path to your clip in the little box next to “browse”. Now press "upload", this may take up to 5 minutes depending on how long the clip is, so don’t shut it thinking it isn’t doing anything. The page will then refresh and it will be in the list of files and directories. Remember to create a Web page linking to your audio/video because Angelfire doesn't allow direct-linking, or "Hot-Linking". For HTML help, check Just make a simple HTML link, nothing too special.

And that’s it. We will then be able to download the clips.

Uploading to soundclick

Go to the above address, and click sign up (the sign up link is at the top right of the page) and remember, your not signing up as a listener. Once you have signed up you want to go to “band Administration” which can be found in the same place as the “log in” link in the top right. You need to set up a new band, but you only have to do this once. So click “set up a new band” and follow the instructions.


Once you have made your band, click on it (when it’s made you can find it in “Band administration” again) so click on your band and a page will appear with a few options. Notice the subjects in bold down the left hand side (Your URL, Songs etc) the second subject down is “songs”, this is where you upload you clips. Click “add new song” and follow the instructions.

Now soundclick is different, you link other people to the soundclick page instead of linking them to the actual track. So now you want to go back to “band Administration” and again, look at the bold headings down the left hand side, it’s the top one you want this time, where it says “Your URL”, and there is 2 links next to it, one saying “express” the other saying “standard”, look along side the “standard” link and their will be another link saying “more URL” click on that, and another link will appear titled “music”, that’s the link you post on the forums.

And finally...

Other free web space providers are:

  • Putfile
  • Xythos Sharemation
  • Geocities
  • Audiostreet
  • Yousendit

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