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Sequencing with K.Wiz

K.Wiz shows us the basics on sequencing with FL Studio 7 and Adobe Audition 1.5.


  1. Programs we will be using
  2. Introduction
  3. Getting Started (The Beat)

For this tutorial we will be using 2 programs:

FL Studio 7

This program is where we will be doing our Sequencing, there are limited uses with the demo version but all well be using is the “Load Sample” Tool and the “Export ” tool, Plus the sequence map. (A standard full version will set you back $99, with express versions at $49 and the full wack XXL for $360). Any FL Studio will do though, Most Editing And Beat making Programs are Similar.

Adobe Audition 1.5

Again limited use with the demo version but here we will be cutting and editing the samples you wish to use to make the beat. (However if you've got $299 to spare you can buy the full version!).


In this tutorial I will be guiding you through the process of sequencing while making it with you and showing you the audio of the finished product. I will also be explaining the simple way of doing it so that if you're confident with what we make together, you can also add in your extra bits and pieces if you like. This is in no way the best or easiest way to do it, but this is the way I do it so buckle up and let's get ready to do damage!

Getting Started

Ok, First things first let's open up Adobe Audition and let's do some recording. First we'll record some kicks, so click the red circle then a box will pop up then click ok then drop them kicks (I know I said “Kicks” but well only be using one; the best one). Now, play it back and find the best kick you would like to use… Found it? Ok, now we need to make that kick the only thing we'll hear when we press play so, that means we have to delete all the other kicks, snaps, crackles and pops so that everything but that kick is what you want to hear.


To do this highlight the beginning right from the start of the kick to the start of the recording (either using the zoom tool or your roller ball in the centre of the mouse, zoom in to the clip). Click and hold the left mouse and drag all the way to the start, than click delete on your keyboard.


Then, using the same technique, do the same with the clip after the kick, clicking and holding the left mouse again at the end of the kick and dragging to the very end of the recording, than press delete on your keyboard.

So now it should look like this:


Now to save the file, Click File > Save as… and don't forget to make sure the file type is wav. Now, put it in a place you’ll remember, click save and then we'll move on.



Using the same method as above record the Hi Hats and Snares. However, now we need to create new files, so go to File > New and a box will open then click ok, then start recording them Hats and Snares!

Ok, are we sick of Adobe yet? I know I am! Let's go to FL Studio eh?

Now see all those little blocks? Those are the sequencing blocks but before that we must load up our beat samples we recorded earlier.

You see the blocks beside the mini blocks, where inside them it says kick, snare, hi hat? Well you guessed it that is where we put our beat box samples. But how you ask? Well what we do is right click on the kick block then click “Load Sample” a box will pop up and then you have to find your folder with your kick, hi hat and snare in it (and other samples if you added extra bits and pieces) add it and click ok.


Ok, first, let's slow the Tempo down. See that little box at the top that says 140 in it? Well lower it to 100 by click on the number, holding and dragging your mouse down.

I find it's good to always start with the hi hats because the hi hats bring the rhythm.

Space the blocks out like so:


Now add some kicks like so:


And some snares at the start of the pink section of the blocks so you're sequencing map should look like this:


So there you go, we have the beat. Now to save it firstly, click on File > Export > Wav then save the beat to the folder where your samples are, A window will pop up than click “Start”.

Sick of FL Studio now? Me too lets go back to Adobe Audition. Ok, firstly open up the beat you made using FL studio. It should look like this, if you click on the Infinite button the beat will play over and over again.


If you want to make the beat longer just copy the beat, highlight the beat (as we did with the kick, snare and hi hats) choose copy at the top and then click on the end of the beat and click paste (Do this as long as you want the beat to go for).


Here is our end product:

So There We Have It, A sequenced beat to have some nice melodies and bass for you to edit, layer, cut up and destroy!

Unfortunately we’re at the end of this journey.

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