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SpeshFX: The Beatbox Podcast

A Beatbox Podcast Announcement

Posted by Kazu
Written by Tani Levitt

“Beatboxing hangs in a unique and exciting moment. The skill level across the world is as high as it has ever been, and the viewership is exploding. Now is the time to hear about beatboxing. To get in on the fun. YOU want to be THAT girl who is able to say, ‘I was into beatboxing before it became huge.’”   -- SpeshFX Episode 1

As a budding journalist, covering the beatboxing community for the past year, I have come to two main conclusions. First, beatboxing is leveling up at a rapid speed. Second, given that rapid growth, now is the time to reflect on where beatboxing came from, and where the genre is going. 

It’s not hyperbole to say beatboxing is at a moment of inflection. The videos for this year’s Grand Beatbox Battle are shockingly well produced, and the content matches the production to a tee. The community is doubling or tripling every year, and there is no reason to expect that to change any time soon. 

And yet, very few people outside the beatboxing community are talking about beatboxing. Sure, Berywam starred on American’s Got Talent and Scott Jackson performed as Nemesis at the NBA Finals, but these are one off moments, and they have not inspired sustained conversation about beatboxing outside of beatboxing circles.

My name is Tani Levitt, and for the past year I have been working on a narrative documentary podcast called SpeshFX about the international beatboxing community.

SpeshFX tells the story of beatboxing, from Boots 'n' Cats to Lip Rolls. It takes you—whether you are new to the genre or an experienced beatboxing artist--along the journey from discovery to obsession, and deep into the beatboxing community. You hear from world champion beatboxers, national champion beatboxers, beatbox community leaders, beatboxers' moms, and more.

What I know, and what you probably know too if you are reading this, is that beatboxing has a story worth telling. YOU have a story worth telling. I’ve been following beatboxing since 2017, and all the while, it has boggled my mind that there isn’t anywhere to read or listen to critical coverage of beatboxing. 

The beatboxing community is young and developing, and nonetheless it already has a rich culture and really good music to analyze. So I decided to provide the critical coverage I thought was missing. The first season of SpeshFX, which is coming out over the course of this summer, is my attempt to begin a critical conversation about beatboxing. 

You can find SpeshFX on Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Google Play Music, RadioPublic, and at Download, listen, and then continue the conversation. 

The conversation is just beginning. I started this process by making the podcast, but it is up to you to sustain it. You can reach me on social media @SpeshFX, and on email at [email protected]. Don’t be strangers, because I’m itching to talk about beatboxing, and I’m always thinking about ideas for the next step for SpeshFX! Your feedback is what will make the next step possible.

There’s one more thing I learned about beatbox fans: you guys love content. Battles, shoutouts, vlogs, beef. And now, you have a podcast.


[We invite you to join Tani and the American Beatbox team, on July 8th at The Bowery Electric in NYC for the launch party and a showcase Beatbox Battle. Link Here]

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