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Beatbox goes orchestral! | Top 10 Beatbox Videos of the Week

Hello and welcome once again to HBB's Top 10 beatbox videos of the week! This week was another big one for beatboxing with amazing videos that'll leave you hitting that replay button for days on end! You can also catch up with the GBBB Tag Team eliminations while you're here. So what are you waiting for?

Keep scrolling for more beatbox goodness!

10) Alex Katsakis | Greek Fire

Greek Fire #ygropyr

A post shared by Alex Katsakis (@alexkatsakis) on

Here at HBB, we are always looking for some fresh talent and a new face to accompany some dope beats in our list. Luckily, my friend, Jon, came across this awesome little routine from Mr. Katsakis here. Give it a listen!

9) 80Fitz | Lady Gaga/Chainsmokers Mashup

80Fitz has been really pushing beatboxing for the common crowd and this piece that he's put together helps that light shine even brighter.

8) Chakrabreaker | GBBB Tag Team 2017

There's gonna be A LOT of Tag Team content coming up so I hope you guys are ready for that! Starting that off is Chakrabreaker's GBBB Tag Team debut. Trust me, you don't wanna miss their groovy/eshy style.

7) Spiderhorse | GBBB Tag Team 2017

Spiderhorse is back on the GBBB stage with only one thought in mind: to bring home the gold. Beware, these musical wizards will get you swaying side-to-side in no time.

6) Costik Storm | GBBB Tag Team 2017

After getting runner up last year, these two French powerhouses will want nothing more than another chance to take it all. They put all of their strengths into this amazing 4-minute routine from their humor to their crazy power/technicality.

5) MNSTWNSS | GBBB TAg Team 2017

Hiss and Two.H. Old school plus new school. Two Korean titans that decided to come together and bless the stage. Need I say more? Click play.

4) K-Pom | GBBB Tag Team 2017

It's the elimination round that no one saw coming. Prepare yourself cuz this will get you on your feet and feeling "funky...funky...funky".

3) Mad Twinz | GBBB Tag Team 2017

They destroyed the stage last year and they're here to do it again. These twins will do whatever it takes to make the speakers blow and the crowd to raise the roof.

2) Berywam | Chinese Trap

Seeing a new Berywam video pop up in your subscription box is like walking into a candy store. You don't know what you're going to get but you know it's going to be good.

1) Jigsaw x Apartment Sessions | Jigsaw

I know you all put Jigsaw on repeat the first time you ever heard it because I know I did. When I saw this, I knew history would repeat itself. You know the words so press play and sing along.


Aaaaand that's a wrap!

Thanks for checking out this article! If you think we missed any awesome that you saw and we didn't, be sure to tell us on any form of social media that we're on! See you next week!

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