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Despacito! | Top 10 Videos of The Week!

STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING RIGHT NOW! This article contains some fire material! Welcome to HBB's Top 10 Videos of The Week! If you're new to this, it's pretty self-explanatory. We give you the craziest beatbox videos the internet has to offer from the all stars to the up and coming. Don't believe me? Well that's fine. You're entitled to your own opinion. So what are we waiting for?

Let's get this party started!

10) Alexinho | HIPER Shoutout

Looking for an Alexinho shoutout? HIPER has got you covered.

9) Tuan SS | Kill You Softly

So many loopers are starting to come out when some awesome material like Tuan SS! Check out his cover of "Kill You Softly"!

8) Bery | I Heard You Talkin'

What do you get when Berywam is missing the Wam? You get Bery. Yes that was best thing I could come up with.

7) NaPoM x Ball-Zee | WBC Fantasy Jam

You thought they just battled? Nope. It wouldn't be WBC if they didn't give us what we wanted.

6) 1BTH x Hiss&Wing | Unite of One

This rap/dance/beatbox project over on KoreaBeatboxTV is honestly straight fire. Don't you just love it when all forms of hip-hop come together?

5) Zekka vs. Nicu | Spanish Beatbox Battle 2017

It's only been a couple of weeks and the Spanish beatbox community is already giving us the Spanish Champ vids. Check out the first video: Zekka vs. Nicu!

4) Improver vs. DeSoO | Daily Beatbox Battle

I feel like the battles just keep getting crazier and crazier over on the BeatboxRap channel! 

3) Bataco | Asia Beatbox  Champs 2017 Solo Elimination

Hold on to your pants! The official Asia Champ vids are finally rolling out on their Youtube channel!

2) Butterfly Crows vs. L.I.A.F. | WBC Tag Team Battle

World Beatbox Camp can make fantasies become reality. Alexinho, NaPoM, Alem, and Kenny? Yes please. This battle will go down in history. 

1) Hiss x Bigman | Despacito

Bigman has done it again! After hitting the front page of Reddit for the second time, his video has gotten almost a million views! Give a big esh to him and Hiss!

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Aaaaaaand that's wrap!

Thank you all for checking out this week's Top 10! If you think there's another crazy video we missed, make sure to leave us a friendly comment! Want to see more from us? Make sure to follow us on all forms of social media and subscribe to our Youtube channel! Hope to see you all next week! Esh!


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