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Don't Wake The Beast | Top 10 Videos of The Week!

Don't click away from this article because you've obviously come to the right place! welcome to HBB's Top 10 Videos of the Week! It's here where we give you some of the best beatbox videos the Internet has to offer! We love to find these videos so you don't have to! This week is chock full of awesome beatboxers like NaPoM, Dharni, Hiss, and more! Now that I have your attention...

Let's get this party started!

10) Pacmax | Pump Up The Jam

Our first video comes from the BeatboxRap channel with a shoutout from Pacmax! Check out his insane bass control!

9) TylaDubya | Beatbox Legends Vlog Day 2

Now for the stunning conclusion of Beatbox Legends weekend brought to you by Tyladubya! Look through the whole video and spot out some familiar HBB faces (including myself :D).

8) Audical | Beatbox Vid #6

It's nice to see some new stuff from Audical every once in a while. This little freestyle is sure to get you rocking out in no time!

7) Kaily Mullady | Clint Eastwood in 60 Seconds

Ms. Mullady has been killing it every week with her 60 Second covers. This week she's bringing us the sounds of Clint Eastwood!

6) Thái Sơn | Thánh Echo

Thai Son has us jamming out over here and after watching this video, we hope you can see why!

5) Rippick, King.on, and Napom | Beatbox Collab #10

I love these little collab videos KBTV rolls out. It exposes a lot of underrated beatboxers and even throws in some big names once in a while. 

4) D-Low vs Cosmin | Shootout Battle 2017

The Shootout Battles came sooner than expected! Check out this first sick battle between D-Low and Cosmin!

3) Hiss | 28 Minutes

Every video from this Artist Week has been nothing short of amazing especially since it's from the GBBB vice champ! 

2) Dharni | Asia Beatbox Championship 2016 Showcase

Asia Beatbox has been really holding out on us! They've just been hiding some of their videos from almost year ago! You want some Dharni? They got you covered. 

1) Vonox | Don't Wake The Beast

And now from their long awaited EP is their new music video! Give VONOX some love!

Aaaaand that's a wrap!

Thank you so much for checking this week's Top 10! If you felt we missed any other dope videos from last week, make sure to tell us in the comments below! For more from us, follow HBB on all forms of social media and come back to our site regularly. As always, we hope you enjoyed and see you next week! Esh!

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