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Father and Daughter Beatbox

Father and Daughter Return! | Top 10 Beatbox Videos of the Week

What a fun week of the best beatbox videos from all around the world!

March is off to a great start in the beatbox world with a wild mixture of the absurd, the clean, and the powerful. We guarantee you'll enjoy this collection of what has been going around in the beatbox world this week, so sit back, put on some headphones, and enjoy!

10. Yukebox | Showcase

We at HBB love solo performers spreading the message of beatbox! Yukebox from the UK performs at Durham University (with a little bit of Gene inspiration) and makes his performance a lot of fun by getting the crowd engaged - showing how easy it is to get started in beatboxing.

9. TylaDubya & Colby Cooper | Helium Beatbox Challenge

The American starlet teams up with the iconic beatbox referee in this hilarious take on the Helium Beatbox Challenge. Silly Tyla, of course, your inward sounds aren’t affected!

8. HBB Discord: Weekly Battles #1

HBB is teaming up with North American beatbox in uploading our battles from our HBB Discord Channel. We’re still working on the audio quality, but the battle is a really fun one nonetheless. Stay tuned and be sure to subscribe for more content!

7. Fozzy | They Know

Fozzy from Wales brings in the bass with this brawny routine, so put on your headphones and enjoy this bit!

6. WinG | Korea Beatbox Champion

The Korean beatbox champion, WinG, is really giving it a go at making a name for himself this year. Don’t let his swagged out outfit distract you from his fantastic beatbox routine. In his own words - this stuff is ridiculous!

5. Zer0 v Epos

This is what online battles are all about! If you want to stay updated with the latest new-school techniques, there’s no better place to do that than to enjoy some beatbox-rap videos. Zer0 from Azerbaijian warms up for his charge at the Grand Beatbox Battle against the skillful Epos in this BBX Kings Final - pure beatbox joy.

4. CODFISH v CLR | Aus Beatbox Semi-Final

Both CODFISH and CLR were two of the favorites to take the title in the 2016 Australian Championships and this battle shows exactly why. Enjoy this instant classic between a bass powerhouse and a technical maestro. Aussie power!

3. Alexinho | All-Star Final

Tongue and mic control on point! Alexinho showcases his best solo set yet, leading to his deserved crown as the 2017 Beatbox All-Star champion. Aspiring beatboxers, take note of his energy and endurance in this one.

2. Tom Thum: Lady Tell That Man

This beautifully executed original goes to show that not many can control the RC505 like Tom Thum can. Psst…your class is showing, Tom!

1. Bass & Guitar : Father & Daughter Beatbox Cover

Put on some headphones and get ready to smile because Elin Sandberg and Helen De La Rosa kick it up a notch by putting a genuinely fun and creative spin on the viral video we’re all familiar with. This is a video I’d love to be tagged in! Keep up the good work - we can’t wait to see more videos from you guys.

Special Release: Team Punk

TEAM PUNK // Beatbox crew - "Finally"

🔥 LE VOICI !! NOTRE PREMIER CLIP !! 🔥Hope you enjoy !!Tournage: Sashi Mee - Fraîche Graphie / Nicolas Plessis / Elliot JolivetRéal / Motion design / Edit : Sashi MeeSon: Julien Mollo

Posted by Team Punk on Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The French team, TEAM PUNK, finally release an original in true style. The team consisting of the French superstars Alexinho, Efaybee, Furax, Hutch, and Saro make a statement in these four minutes of pure entertainment!

From us! | Grand Beatbox 2017 Predictions

We went off to predict our favorites for the 2017 Grand Beatbox Battle, which is coming up right around the corner. Let us know if you enjoy these weekly roundups and tell us your GBBB predictions in the comments below! Enjoy and stay amazing, beatbox family!



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