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Top 10 Beatbox Videos of the Week

Goose Trap! | Top 10 Beatbox Videos of the Week

Canadian beatbox champion dresses as an accountant, animal sounds, and beatbox legends collide in this week’s videos!

If you've a few beatboxing videos from this past week, we've got you covered! There are lots of fresh, innovative, and creative videos to binge on. Let's get right into it!

10. Frosty | UK beatbox | Up and Down

Talk about originality!

This gem was sent to us from our friend Rubik and we’re surprised we’ve never seen it before. Frosty ranked 3rd in the Brixton Beatbox Battles and stars in this video produced by Beatbox International, an organization that was founded initially over a Whatsapp group chat and now showcases beatboxers around the world through their channel.

9. Zede | Asia Beatbox Studio Session

The beatbox world is once again blessed with Zede’s brilliance in this short and sweet studio session. I think we could all learn a thing or two about the value of simplicity and clarity from him!

8. Peterpot dresses up as an accountant

Creative, funny, and quirky. If Peterpot can find a way to connect an incredibly mundane thing such as tax forms with beatboxing, he can do anything. In this presentation, he draws a funny connection between the two and finishes it off with his signature routine he performed at the World Champs.

7. Elisii vs Black | Unity 2016 Beatbox Battle

Two huge prospects battle it out in this fun under-21 tournament hosted by Unity. Clicks, lip rolls, musicality, technicality - they’ve got it all. P.S. Sparx has to MC more events!

6. Beat Rhino | GeometrickFX

In yet another Beatbox International video, Beat Rhino and GeometrickFX flex their Californian muscles in this quick tag-team game showcasing their technicality! Love it.

5. Waali v Tiffany | Beatbox-Rap

Beatbox-rap is back at it again with this teamspeak battle between Tiffany and Waali. All I gotta say is this: OD Bass.

4. Heat | Beats from the East

Technicality, power, and bass - Heat is absolute fire in this Swissbeatbox shoutout! Big ups to the Canadian beatbox family

3. Dharni | Dance to my beatbox

Dharni back at it again with a viral-worthy beatbox video! This time, he challenges us to dance to his freestyle groove. Any excuse to dance - I’m down!

2. Legendary moment | Rahzel, Alem, FayaBraz

The Godfather of Noize, the Beatbox World Champion, and the King of the loop station take up the stage in this legendary beatbox jam - showing us what beatbox is all about: music and love. Massive respect to all of you guys! This makes us feel all tingly inside.

1. Mad Twinz | Soundhunter

Sound Hunter has to be our favorite original beatbox series from the internet. Produced by the Mad Twinz, Soundhunter is a series where the explosive beatbox duo explore different locations to gather sounds that they can later use to sample. With these sampled sounds, they produce a track at the end of the video along with some rapping and beatboxing. Super creative isn’t it? Enjoy the goose trap music!


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