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Groove Is Everything | Top 10 Beatbox Videos of the week

Groove is Everything! | Top 10 Beatbox Videos of the Week

The beatbox community goes groovy in this week’s videos!

Hello beatbox family, welcome to another edition of the top 10 beatbox videos of the week. If this is your first time here, we do a quick roundup of all the best beatbox videos from the past week and highlight all the best things that are going around in the community!

Are you ready to get started? Let’s do this.

10. Elisii v Veko | Beatbox Canada

We’re kicking off this week’s videos with one of the best battles from the Canadian Beatbox Championships between two good friends, Elisii and Veko. The tag-teammates go out in this one where Elisii shows why he’s one of the hottest prospects from Canada and Veko shouldn’t be treated like an underdog. A massive performance from both!

9. Sung Lee | Ed Sheeran | Shape of You Cover

Next up, we have Sung Lee from New York who brings yet another killer beatbox cover. This time, it’s Ed Sheeran’s latest hit, “Shape of You.” Hey Sung, we all know Valentines is coming up - this one will do the trick the next time you go busking ;).

8. Ball-Zee & Hobbit | Showcase

Coming in number 8, we have Ball-Zee and Hobbit adding a bit of UK flavor to the French Championships, showing the incredible synergy they share from not only being on the Beatbox Collective together, but also as long-time friends. Shoutouts to the UK beatbox fam!

7. Wunknown v Audical

The two young American stars who broke out onto the beatbox scene at the 2016 ABC’s take it to the TeamSpeak server and battle it out in this intense battle. This one’s a real treat!

6. GeometrickFX / L.A. Beats

In this L.A. series from Beatbox Television, GeometrickFX makes a comeback and shows us what it means to be both technically gifted and unique. A style truly unmatched. Super dope!

5. Piratheeban v Bataco

Asia Beatbox is back with the two Asian powerhouses Piratheeban and Bataco battling it out. This clash between musicality and heart is truly a special one. Turn up the basss!

4. Shimo-Ren | THE CHAIN

We love the growth we’ve seen in the Japanese community, especially through Takahiro’s YouTube channel. This week, we have a mini Artist Week, Takahiro style starring the talented Shimo-Ren. Sit back and enjoy!

3. Ego | Semendehoy

Do you ever click play on a beatbox video and you just know it’s going to be good? Yeah this was one of them. Besides the fact that the comments section is littered with jokes about the hilarious Spanish translation of “semen de hoy,” this video makes a statement of how talented the Indonesian beatbox community is. Ego is truly a powerhouse! #Semendehoy

2. Villain | It's All About Groove

Want technicality? Want groove? Want a dope ass beatbox shoutout video? Here you go. Villain is one of the dopest beatboxers of this generation - the clicks, combinations, drags, basses - all of it is GLORIOUS.

1. French Crew Final | BERYWAM v DROPDAMIC

At the end of the day, beatbox is music and there is no better testament to that mantra than the French beatbox community. Man, do they know how to hype up a crowd! It just makes me want to be there, but the best I can do is hit the replay button over and over again because this one of the dopest sets I’ve seen in some time. Absolutely epic, BERYWAM!

Missed any?

And that’s it for this week. Let us know if we missed any and let us know what your favorite was! Like always, thanks for liking and sharing :).


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