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Happy Holidays! | Top 10 Videos of the Week!

What's up, beatbox family? Welcome to HBB's Top 10 Videos of The Week! Sorry for the delay this week. It's been a busy holiday season for all of us here at HBB. Hope yours has been fun and exciting! Since this list is made around Sunday, we're not going to mention any of the videos posted yesterday but we'll try to get them next week! So what are we waiting for?

Let's get this party started!

10) Alem and his sister | Christmas Song & Beatbox

It wouldn't be Christmas without some family jamming now would it? Get in the spirit!

9) ABH | 2017 UK Beatbox Championships | Solo Elim

The solo vids for the UK champs are dropping! Be sure to check out all of them including this one from last year's vice champ, ABH!

8) Bigman x Codfish | Just Freestyle

I never thought I'd see these two in a video together but I'm not complaining. Dreams do come true!

7) BNINE, DuanDuan, and Saxo | Chinese Beatbox Collection

Swissbeatbox dropped this dope colab with some of China's dopest beatboxers! The techniques these guys have blow you all away!

6) Madox | Stop

Madox has been teasing this one for awhile and I'm so happy it finally hit SBX! Check out his new original piece, "Stop"!

5) Solo vs. Helium | Russian Beatbox Championships 2017 | 1/4 Battle

The Russian Championships roll on! This is one of the crazier battles but you should definitely check out the rest of them!

4) Waali vs. Elisii | Daily Beatbox Battle

This battle had me on edge the whole 6 minutes and 31 seconds it was playing for!

3) Chan | Indian Nose Magic

The amount of originality in this SBX shoutout left me speechless. I've never heard this kind of technique before! Have you?

2) Wunknown vs. Jaynkins | American Beatbox Championships 2017 | Final

The conclusion to the 2017 American Championships is finally here! Who will take it? Wunkown or Jaynkins?

1) Trihedral | Cracks

You may have seen this guy on SBX before but if you haven't, well you're honestly missing out. This was my personal favorite video from this week and I hope you all can agree.

Aaaaaaand that's a wrap!

Thank you all for checking out this week's Top 10! We all really appreciate it! Did you think we missed any other dope videos? Be sure to let everybody know in the comments! Want to see more from us? Like our Facebook page, subscribe to our Youtube channel, and follow us on Instagram. Be sure to come back to our website for some more content like this! Hope you all have been having an awesome holiday season and we hope to see all in the new year! Esh!

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