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Mad Twinz Take It All! | Top 10 Videos of the Week

Hello and it's great to see you guys again coming around for HBB's Top 10 videos of the week! For those of you who don't know what this is, the goal is simple: to give you the best beatbox videos our community has to offer in one simple list. We got a great mixed bag of goodies that we know many of you will enjoy. So sit back, relax, and without further ado...

Let's get this party started!

10) D-Low | Beatbox Grime

D-Low has been constantly bringing the heat over on his Youtube channel and it's hard to ignore. He's got some grimy flows that'll definitely get you out of your seat!

9) Watchin' , Komodo , H-twins | Beatbox Collaboration #3

Up next on this list is one you don't wanna click away from. KoreaBeatbox has put together a little compilations of shouotuts including one of America's Top 16, Komodo.


While it's sad to see neither of these teams in the grand final, we're glad to hear that they still want to give it their all. With some classsic routines dropped from Spiderhorse and the intense energy from Costik Storm, who will come out on top?

7) Villain | BTV Live Stream Fantasy Tour

The BTV Fantasy Livestream Tour is still pumping some strong content over on their Facebook page. Make sure to check out all the reruns on their Youtube channel, especially this personal favorite of ours this week featuring Villian!

6) TWENTEAM'8 | Practice Beatbox Session

With all of these tag team action from the most recent SBX videos, Alem and BMG just had to jump on in, too! The 2015 Tag Team World champs show us that they still got it!


These musical masterminds all on the stage at the same time is something only dreams are made of. As I say for so many videos, do yourself a favor and click play.

4. COSTIK STORM vs A&Z | GBBB TAG TEAM Battle 2017

A&Z proved to be a surprise hit during GBBB and continue to show that as they go head-to-head with last year's tag team runners-up.

3. Alem - A.Origlio - S. Edouard | Teaser Trio

It's always nice to see beatbox evolving and being used with a variety of musical mediums. We all can't wait to see what Alem will bring with this new project!

2. Alexinho & Kenny Urban | Showcase | CNBC 2016 | VR 360

When you get an unlikely pair of beatboxers and a 360 camera setup in one room together, you quite a dope video. Big shoutout to CNBeatbox for this little gem!

1. MAD TWINZ vs A&Z | GBBB TAG TEAM Battle 2017 | FINAL

It's the showdown you've all been waiting for. Two powerhouses up on the stage to duke it out for the glory. Will Mad Twinz be able to pull through or will their dreams be shot down by the explosive newcomers of the GBBB Tag Team scene?


Aaaaand that's a wrap!

Thank you all so much for going through this article! It means a lot to us over at HBB! If you want to see more from us, you can head over to our website and follow us on all forms of social media. If you think we missed a video this week, be sure to leave it down in the comments for everyone to see! See you all next week! Esh!

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