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Move Your Body! | Top 10 Videos of The Week!

Ladies and gentlemen, guys and gals, and eshers of all ages... Welcome to HBB's Top 10 Videos of the Week! My name is Doctor Brick and I'll be your host for this event! We have a star-studded lineup for you guys tonight including Ball-Zee, Dharni, NaPoM, BBK, and so much more. So what are we waiting for? 

Let's get this party started!

10) Ball-Zee | Three Time UK Beatbox Champion

I don't know how anybody can get tired listening to Ball-Zee. His style and sounds are so clean and precise like a perfectly sampled kit.

9) BBK | Canadian Beatbox Champs 2017 Submission

You better watch out! Beatbox Canada just a unleashed ton of videos from their submissions for the Canadian Champs that's coming up. Who you got?

8) Mark Martin | Right Now Right Here

The American Champ is here with some new content for us! Listen to this fan favorite routine from last year!

7) El Diablo Kash | Skype Beatbox #22 feat. Piratheeban

Kash is back and this time he's got last year's Asian Champ, Piratheeeban! This one is a bit longer than his usual video but we're positive it'll leave you cracking up.

6) Double Real | Beatbox Medley

Kinny and Yang Yang from China just dropped a medley of their craziest routines over on BBXINT. Don't wait! Click play!

5) Kaila Mulladay x Gene | Red Hot Chili Peppers/Outkast Mash Up

Kaila is starting up a new series where she mashes up songs over on her channel. This week, she's mashing up the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Outkast with fellow Beatbox House member as well as 2015 Grand Beatbox Champion, Gene!

4) Bataco | Asian Beatbox Champion 2017

We have a new Asian Champ! Check out Bataco's dope shoutout on Swissbeatbox!

3) Dharni x Bigman | Move Your Body

Dharni just loves jamming with a lot of familiar faces over on his channel. This time, he teams up with Bigman from Korea to give us a dope musical performance.

2) Huckle vs Mighty | Die To Die 2017 Final

The explosive conclusion to the Die to Die battle is finally up on KBTV! Huckle vs. Mighty! You don't want to miss this!

1) NaPoM vs Mad Twinz | WBC Fantasy Battle

It seems that World Beatbox Camp can make dreams come true. Grand Beatbox Champs facing off? NaPoM vs. Mad Twinz? I honestly must be dreaming.

Honorable Mention: Bound in Beat

Swissbeatbox just recently uploaded a mini documentary about Li Erkun, a boy with disabilities and a passion for beatboxing. I know say this a lot, but this is definitely worth a watch.

Aaaaaand that's a wrap!

Thanks for checking out this week's Top 10! If you think we missed any more videos (and I'm pretty sure we did), be sure to leave a comment or send us a friendly message. If you want to check out more from us, be sure to follow us on all forms of social media like Facebook and Instagram. And, as always, we hope to see you guys next week! Esh!

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