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Oh La la la la | Top 10 beatbox videos of the week

Ooh la la la! | Top 10 Beatbox Videos of the Week

International beatbox battles, intense routines, and stunning music videos in this week’s roundup!

It's Monday and you know what that means - a whole lot of new beatbox videos! Hello and welcome to another edition of the top 10 beatbox videos of the week, where we round up all the best beatbox videos from the web and bring it to you right here in a quick and easy way. We're super excited to show you the gems we've found this week! Let's cut to the chase and get started!

10. Beatbox Mexico | Suburbeatz

We’re kicking off this week’s videos with the Suburbeatz battle held in a Graffiti shop in Mexico. The names of the beatboxers weren’t specified, but the first routine in this video is really sick. We’ll be sure to let you guys know when we find out.

9. Fredy Beats v Miwel BBX |  2016 Spanish Beatbox Battle

The 2016 Spanish Beatbox Battle is finally here! In this round of sixteen, Fredy Beats battles Miwel BBX. Damn Fredy, that’s some fresh material! Oh and don't forget to subscribe to the channel to be updated with the releases of the rest of the championship!

8. Epos v Zer0 | Beatbox-Rap

The two online beatbox giants clash heads in this incredible battle hosted on Beatbox-Rap. Zer0 from Azerbaijan takes on Epos from the UK. Sit back and enjoy Zer0’s quadruple snares and hollow clops.


Let’s take a quick break and listen to a message brought to you by our President, BBK.

7. Skiller | Grand Beatbox Battle Studio Session

Back with us? Great. The 2012 World Champion shows us exactly why he has earned that title. In this studio session, Skiller pulls out his most impressive TK’s and swing beats yet. Truly a treat - thanks Swissbeatbox and Skiller for this!

6. Beatbox Acapella | FMaN | FLY

FMaN told us that making it to the top 10 last time around motivated him to step up his game and make another video and heck, does he deliver! This time, he sings a song called “That You Can Fly.” where he not only showcases his beatbox ability, but his breathtaking voice as well! You’ll enjoy this one for sure!

5. TylaDubya | Primal Fear

This is one of the best routines we’ve seen! This routine ranked TylaDubya first at both the 2016 Midwest Battles and the 2016 American Beatbox Championships. Watch and you’ll see exactly why.

4. Tatsuaki | Japanese Beatbox Champion

The 2016 Japanese Beatbox Champion Tatsuaki gives us a quick taste of why he's the best beatbox talent in Japan - in the grooviest fashion. This shoutout is guaranteed to make you groove, especially that groovy slap bassline!

3. Trung Bao | Technicality is Dead

Is technicality dead? Trung Bao - you’re the best example of why technicality is not dead - it’s alive and well! Enjoy these 90 seconds of pure technical goodness.

2. Lazy Habits Ft. The Beatbox Collective

The Beatbox Collective, who have just recently produced an exceptional UK Championship (Congrats D-Low!), teamed up with Lazy Habits to produce this sweet set. This is what we at enjoy - music! More collaboration videos please.

1. Starboy - The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk | Beatbox Cover Musantro ft. BLACKPANDA

Musantro, the founder of the Spanish beatbox community, Zombeats, collaborates with BlackPanda to gift us this beautiful piece, shot and composed to perfection. We believe this is truly the standard that all beatboxers should aim for - the immense quality of the production and beatboxing is truly inspirational.


SYMMETRY // Beatbox | Guitar | Vocal Loops // Ed Geater

We're quite proud of this one - we really hope that you guys enjoy this bit from Ed Geater, who uses beatboxing to elevate his musical career. To read more about Ed and his journey, be sure to check out our article as well!

Well that's it from us - we hope you enjoyed this week's top 10 list! Be sure to stay tuned and check up on us every Monday for our weekly roundups! Until next time!


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