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Redbone! | Top 10 Videos of The Week!

I hope you guys are ready for sick beatbox content we have in store for you because I know I'm not. Welcome to HBB's Top 10 Videos of The Week! It's here where we show all of you, beatboxers or not, some of the craziest beatbox videos from the past week! We know most of you probably have been too busy to keep up with these videos since it's basically championship month. But no worries! You're here now! So what are we waiting for?

Let's get this party started!

10) BBK | 2017 Canadian Beatbox Championships | Prelim

Hold on to your pants because Beatbox Canada is finally dropping the prelims for the 2017 Canadian Beatbox Championships! Who you got?

9) Winky | 2017 Sydney Beatbox Battle Elimination

Let's check out another elimination round coming from Beatbox Australia with a sick routine from Winky! His use of space and power really shines in this one!

8) Inertia vs. Sarublack | Daily Beatbox Battle

It wouldn't be a Top 10 without at least one Daily Battle from the BeatboxRap Teamspeak server!

7) Ciao Tara | TarGrime

Coming from the Italian Beatbox Family, we have Ciao Tara with a crazy shoutout for Swissbeatbox! His whistles and lip oscillations made me drop to the floor (and that's not an exaggeration).

6) Bery vs. X-Touch | 2017 French Beatbox Championships | Tag Team Semifinals

Even though they're only half of Berywam, Beatness and Rythmind can hold it down! But can they win against the creative minds of X-touch?

5) Bataco vs. KChan | Asia Beatbox Championship 2017 | Top 8

The Asian Beatbox Championship videos roll on with two heavy hitters battling it out!

4) Jaynkins | American Beatbox Vice Champion

Jaynkins definitely pulled no punches for this year's champs! Every battle he was in definitely made each one worth a watch.

3) NaPoM vs. Kenny Urban | WBC 7ToSmoke Battle

It's always a treat seeing the K-Pom brothers duke it out on the stage. Who will win this time?

2) SkilleR x Atesh | Beatbox vs. Guitar

Let's take a moment to remember that SkilleR is still awesome - especially when paired with a dope guitarist.

1) Gene | Redbone

If you've skipped all the way to the end of this list to click on this video, then I honestly don't blame you.

Aaaaand that's a wrap!

Thank you all for checking out this week's Top 10! Think we missed something? Make sure to leave it in the comments! Can't get enough of us? Be sure to follow us on all forms of social media like Instagram and Facebook! Subscribe to our Youtube channel to keep up on our content and watch Kaz make funny faces. We hope to see you all again next week! Esh!


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