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Beatbox Videos of the Week September 5

Return of Big Ben and Two.H | Top 10 Beatbox Videos of the Week

The return of Two.H means all is good with the beatbox world. Let’s watch.

I guess I should've included a spoiler alert for the best video of the week, but I just couldn't contain my excitement. I say this almost every week, but it truly has been a great week for beatbox!

10. SHuN - One OK Rock Cover

We're kicking this week's videos off with SHuN representing Japan in this awesome loopstation cover. SHuN recently placed in the best 16 at the Japanese Beatbox Championship and shows us why! We're looking forward to hearing more.

9. Drake - Jumpman ft Future Beatbox Cover

Okay we don't usually like to put two loop station videos in a row but come on, Sung Lee kills it again here with his Jumpman cover. I'm sure that grandma behind you approves, Sung.

8. Honeycomb @ Imagine Music Festival

Honeycomb is absolutely the beatboxer everyone should be keeping an eye on right now! He's been touring across the United States hustling and bringing beatbox to the music world. In this video, Honeycomb beatboxes at the Imagine Festival and shows off his squeaky clean routine.

7. BeatboxGuru | Boss RC-202 First Look

We call our friend TikTak the beatbox guru for a reason. For a change in pace, TikTak brings us a first look at the RC-202 looper, a miniature and more compact machine for our loopers out there. Check it out!

6. Mic Bandit | ŁYKAJ WĄSA

Another loopstation video! Did these guys call each other up and decide to post up their covers this week? Whatever the reason is, I'm not complaining. The 2013 Polish beatbox Champion brings us this masterpiece.

I tried typing the title on google translate to pretend like I knew what this song is about, but I guess I'll have to go ask Dharni.

5. Geometrickfx | Beatbox Star Wars Trap

Talk about style. GeometrickFx from the West Coast epitomizes a perfect routine. Big ups!

4. B-Art | Wild

DANG! Yet another incredibly insane routine from B-Art. The drop is something like I've never heard before. Somebody put this wild man back in his cage.

3. Zhang Ze | Asia Beatbox Championship Studio Session

After a very successful Asia Beatbox Championship, Mic Lee and his team are releasing the amazing studio sessions that took place there. I'd highly encourage you to check them all out and give them a shout because the quality here is impeccable.

2. BigBen | Ben n Bass

Before you watch, be sure you're ready. Big Ben hasn't released a video in a while and we've all suffered because of it. The savior has returned with a stronger and deeper bass - be prepared!

1. Two.H and Hiss are a killer duo

Two.H announces his grand return with this freestyle video with Hiss (and a fresh haircut). Wow. We've missed you so much Two.H, we can't wait to see you win the World Champs.

Anyways - this is an incredibly dangerous duo between Two.H and Hiss...might as well call them triple H right? Right? Anyone?

Bonus: Eon showing Barbara Schöneberger what’s good


Well that's it for this week! Please like, comment and share! Every little thing counts. Never stop beatboxing!

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