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Shootout | Top 10 Videos of The Week!

What? It’s time for this week’s Top 10 Videos of the Week? You mean the article where HBB’s editorial staff searches through all the filters the internet can offer to find the best beatbox videos for that week? So you can stay up to date on the latest Swiss or beatbox battle video? And it’s all right here below this text?

Let's get this party started!

10) Tyladubya | How To Beatbox | K.I.M./Hutch Squeak

Tyladubya is once again making an appearance on our Top 10 list, but this time he’s bringing us a tutorial on the K.I.M/Hutch Squeak sound. This tutorial is super informative and really breaks down how to do the sound well, so if you’ve been looking to learn something new, here’s a great opportunity!

9) Zede | Showcase | Beatbox Masters 2017

Zede never fails to disappoint, and this showcase is no exception! 

8) Verbal Ase | Spongebob Squarepants Beatbox Remix

Verbal Ase is back with a Spongebob remix that combines beatboxing, voice acting, and some dope visual effects!

7) Napom vs. Piratheeban | Shootout Battle 2017

Our list would not be complete without the final round of the Beatbox Shootout 2017. Let us know what you thought about it, and event in general, in the comments!

6) A-Doe vs. Wunknown | Daily Beatbox Battle 7/8/2017

Check out this crazy flow coming out of the daily’s!

5) Codfish | When A Beatboxer Plays CS:GO 2

If you’re going to watch a beatbox/gaming combo video, this is the one to watch. Even for a non-gamer (like myself) this is so funny!

4) HeartGrey | Despacito Cantonese

HeartGrey and Hinry Lau came out with a collab of a Cantonese version of the popular song Despacito. This is definitely one of those videos were you just close your eyes, relax, and appreciate all the little details that went into this song!

3) AKICCHIE | 11 Year Old Crazy Bassline

With beatboxing growing in popularity, it was only time before a younger member of the community stepped into the spotlight to showcase some incredible skills! Big ups to Akicchie from the HBB staff and keep the hard work up!

2) Saro | Billie Jean

If you’ve been wondering what Saro’s been up lately, wonder no further! Saro is back at it with yet another incredible loopstation cover you don’t want to miss!

1) Napom vs. D-Low | Shootout Battle 2017

Talk about a battle! This battle is jam-packed full of heavy bass, musicality, tech, and loads of jabs at each other’s styles and sets. The energy in here is absolutely insane and there’s no wonder it’s gotten over 150,000 views in just three days!

Honorable Mention

Rina | A Milli

14 year old Rina made her debut this week over at the Takahiro beatbox channel, and we have a good feeling that this will not be the last time we’ll be seeing her!

Andddd that's a wrap!

If you like what you hear, make sure to check out more from these amazing artists when you get a chance! Also don’t forget to follow HBB on all our social media! We’ll see you next week...ESH!


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