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Technical Beatbox

Technicality is not dead | Top 10 Beatbox Videos of the Week

The beatbox community goes technical!

Welcome to another wonderful compilation of the happenings of the beatbox community brought to you by none other than We at the HBB team have been working hard to unite the community and give more exposure to the global scene, and we hope that you've been enjoying these!

You're in for another treat this week as we explore videos from all around the world, with beatboxers showcasing an incredibly diverse range of talent. Without wasting more time (if you're even reading this, I love you), let's get started!

11. Mic Bandit | Loopstation

Mic Bandit was featured in last week’s edition of the top 10 list and he’s deservedly back at it with a new loopstation showcase. I don’t have any idea what he’s saying but I’m vibing with this one!

10. Requiem for a Dream | Beatbox Cover

Chiwawa from Poland kicks it with her sister in this epic mashup of the iconic song,”Requiem for a Dream.” We promise it's epic as it sounds!

9. HoneyComb | Bit of Honey

If you’re ever looking for what a high quality studio session looks like, look no further because Honeycomb has got you covered. After a busy year of touring around the entire country with Moon Hooch, Honeycomb has truly fine tuned his craft and leveled up his flow. Honey to the ears for sure.

8. CLR v Gale | Australian Beatbox Championships

Beatbox Television is now releasing the full coverage from the Aussie champs, shedding light to the myriad of beatbox talent from down under. Enjoy this battle against two good friends, Gale and CLR, take each other on in this heated encounter.

7. SkilleR | ⅞ Freestyle

All you young beatboxers take note, because the real master of the craft is here! Complexity doesn’t always equate to pure speed, but also execution of non conventional time signatures. Beatbox genius.

6. Chuan v Ettoman | Asia Beatbox Championship

The Taiwanese phenom takes on the Japanese starlet in one of the hottest battles from the Asia Beatbox Championships. Our favorite part? When Chuan pulls out that incredible circular breathing technique at the 7:34 mark. Big up to both!

5. 80Fitz | Clones

The beatbox superstar 80Fitz returns with yet another banger, which we at HBB watched a several hundred times already. Everything about this video is perfect besides the fact that it’s only a minute and twenty seconds long - please make a full track, 80Fitz!

4. B-Art | Beatbox All-Stars

The All-Star battle is one of the most prestigious battles of the year, inviting global champions to take up the stage and battle each other after a 5 minute showcase round. This time, the Dutch Champion, B-Art rocks the stage, fully indicative of his mastery of his craft.

3. Hideki Beatbox

In this excellently produced series by Raven beatbox, Hideki takes things to a whole new level with insane technicality and an incredible vibration bass. Truthfully, this is the first time we’re hearing of him, but it certainly won’t be the last. Mind blown.

2. Beatbox Battling Strangers ft Beatbox House

We all love the Beatbox House already, but this makes us love them even more as they team up with our buddy Wobbles as they hilariously approach strangers and challenge them into a beatbox battle. This is easily going down as one of the funniest beatbox videos we’ve ever seen.

1. Zer0 v Mehdi | BBX Kings

The BBX King is the championship held for the online beatbox community, In this battle, the Grand Beatbox wildcard winner, Zer0, takes up Mehdi in this heated battle against two technical masters.

If you've missed it...

We released the second episode of your favorite series, Guess That Beatboxer right on our YouTube channel! If you missed it, you can watch it right here and if you've watched it already, watch it again! If you drop us a comment, we'll love you forever <3.

Thanks for reading and watching, HBB family. Until next time!

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