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Here are the top 10 videos for the week of June 27.

Top 10 Beatbox Videos of the Week | June 27

Ettoman Spits His Wildcard and Berywam Makes Eminmen Beautiful in This Week's Top 10

Let's go!

10. Booming Malaysian Community | Genix v Neolizer

The massive growth of the Malaysian beatboxing scene has been nothing short of inspirational. The Armageddon Beatbox Championships are a testament to that. Genix takes on Neolizer in one of the biggest battles of the year in Malaysia and showcase what the Malaysian beatbox community has got.

9. Respect to the Korean Beatbox Family

HISS is one of the most respected beatboxers to come out of the Korean scene and flexes his muscles in this showcase. And not to mention, the Korean community seems like a bunch of fun. Heck, I’d be ecstatic if I heard HISS’ drop at 2:00.

8. 3 Minutes of Pure Energy | Mark Martin & Dj B3an Jam Session

Dj B3an teams up with Mark Martin in this dark jam session. It looks like they’d make an incredibly solid tag-team. Man, got to love it when Dj B3an pulls out the whistles and lasers!

7. Teamspeak goes hard | Staffer v Zer0

You want to hear an insanely crazy battle? Here it is. In this daily teamspeak battle, Staffer takes on the rising star, Zer0. These heavyweights really pull out the big guns. Massive respect to both.

6. JFlo is back

JFlo has always been known for his avant-garde style of beatboxing and really modernizing his styles. He more recently picked up the loopstation coupled with a few synthesizers, samplers and mixers to produce large sets with his beatboxing. This chill dubstep session is definitely worth a listen and worth a download.

5. Rise Beatbox | Non Ci Contiene Feat. Ghemon

Rise Beatbox is an incredible beatboxer and a huge representative of beatbox in Italy, featuring in numerous commercials, magazines, and radio stations. From 3rd division former footballer to modern day beatboxer, Rise works with Ghemon to produce this fun piece. Definitely worth a listen.

4. Villain v Ownerbeatz | Great North

Villain continues to dominate in this incredible Great North Battle. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, so check it out for yourself. I agree with the comments, this could’ve easily been the final!

3. Ettoman | Asia Beatbox Championship 2016 Wildcard

Level up! Our brother Ettoman from Japan pulls through with an incredibly powerful routine – showing he’s a real contender to win the 2016 Asian Beatbox Championships. Big up!

2. Amit | Wanna Check Me


Amit’s OD bass got a whole lot more OD. In this Swissbeatbox shoutout, Amit teases us with his new sounds – not excessively but served in solid portions. He’s given us just enough to get us hyped to see him in the next coming battles.

1. Berywam Eminem Medley

Man oh man, talk about French power. Berywam has pulled off yet another beautiful masterpiece - this time an Eminem Medley. It gets us excited to see where they go with this beyond battling. Let's hope they get noticed and signed soon!


Well that's it from us for now. We hope you enjoyed these videos! Please be sure to like and share 🙂 Every little thing counts!

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