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TOP 10 Beatbox Videos August 8


Beatbox went VIRAL this week! Let's take a look at what went on around the beatbox world.

10. Felix Zenger | Pokemon GO Beatbox

Here we have it folks - it was only a matter of time. Felix Zenger is a familiar name here at the beatbox family and he never fails to whip up some creativity into his performances. This time he works with a custom Pokemon Go soundtrack and puts his own unique spin on it. Take a look!

9. Eon vs Slizzer | Quarterfinals | Frauenfeld Beatbox Battle

The two kings of punchlines battle it out in the Fraunfeld Beatbox Battle. Eon, also know as Swish Beatbox, takes on his good friend Slizzer as they are judged by ZeDe from Switzerland, Zeero from Germany and Penkyx from Belgium. A super close battle for sure!

8. Chris Webby Freestyles with Kenny Urban

Taking beatbox back to the hiphop roots, Kenny Urban collaborates with the rapper Chris Webby in New York City. Although Kenny didn't get to showcase the full extent of his talent, working with other communities is always great to see. Big up Kenny, you're pushing the community far.

7. Masahiro vs Ettoman | FINAL HUMAN BEATBOX / The Session Shibuya 2016 STREET GAMES

Yet another great sign of growth in the Japanese beatbox community. The two extremely talented beatboxers, Masahiro and Ettoman, battle it out on the stress of Shibuya. This is just a warm up for both battlers as they approach the big day at the Asian Beatbox Championships.

6. Dharni breaking the internet

We weren't kidding when we said viral. Dharni's quick beatbox lesson of him speaking Polish took the internet by storm this week, especially with the help of Unilad. For all of you beatboxers who are reading this, I'm sure you've been tagged in this a million times. Nonetheless, we love our brother Dharni and his impeccable Polish skills.

5. Ibarra - The Last Drop


This video marks a sad day for the beatbox world. Pepouni delivered the news to us that Ibarra has sold all his equipment and deleted all his youtube videos - officially ending his association with the beatbox family. We're not sure why our beloved Looper has made such a controversial decision, but we're so happy with the music that he has left us with. This loopstation freestyle tells us exactly why we're so upset. Ibarra - if you're reading this, the beatbox family wants you to come back!

4. Chile beatbox | Planeta Beatbox | Waali

Oh la la la la. All the way from Chile, Waali showcases his lip rolls, clicks, and power. This freestyle session in mindblowingly good and deserves so much more recognition. Big up to the Chile community and Waali - see you at the World Championships?

3. Berywam | La Boheme

The incredibly talented French team Berywam is back at it again with yet another exceptional beatbox cover. They just get better video after video, taking the definition of acapella groups to another level. Having the ability to sing and beatbox is opening new doors and is truly the definition of innovation. #Musicality


Eon and his group Chakrabreaker take on a new style of beatbox videos. High production quality coupled with a story, theme, and of course - incredibly attractive women. We'll be covering the story behind this piece soon here at so stay tuned!

1. Napom v Zman

Okay so two things. First, huge shoutout to Adam Andrew Corre for producing this next level battle. Secondly, the HumanBeatbox team is super upset that we had to miss this because we all had a 10 hour drive back to New York from Ohio where the MidWest Battles were taking place. Anyways, this was such a fun video to experience, especially watching everyone's reactions to both NaPoM and Z-Man.

Bonus! Eon | Red Microphone Series


That's it for the videos of the week! Did you enjoy the videos? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below, email me at [email protected], or tweet at me @_JonPark! Beatbox on!

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