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Here are the top 10 beatbox videos from the web this week.


Fireworks, cups, and a trombone make appearances in this week's top 10 videos.

Missed any videos this week? We've got you covered. My name is Devon Guinn, and I'm excited to be a new contributing writer for! Let's go!

10. Armageddon Beatbox Final | YK vs. Artsy

It’s always great to see what’s going on outside of the European and North American scene. This is the final round between YK and Artsy for the second ever Armageddon Beatbox Championship (2016) in Malaysia. It's a sick battle that's full of energy, musicality, and a healthy dose of the competitive spirit!

9. Madibeats | Philippines Beatbox Queen

It's about time Madibeats made it on to Swissbeatbox. She kills it here by demonstrating her power and speed. We can see why she is the Filipino Beatbox Queen!

8. Youbox and Kei Kudo | My Favorite Things Cover 

Not only does this video have great dancing by Kei Kudo, but Youbox’s cover of this classic song (My Favorite Things) is what we are going to be humming and practicing all week!

7. Pocoyo vs. MaksOne | BBXKINGS

This one is mainly audio, which gives you room to focus on the fantastic layering and other surprises in this battle. Major props to Pocoyo and MaksOne in this hard fought BBXKINGS final over on Teamspeak.

6. Alem | Roll Pattern Tutorial

We don’t recommend beatboxing and driving, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t glad Alem did it for this video. Thanks for the tutorial on this cool roll technique, Alem!

5. Chris Celiz | Popcorn Beat

Chris builds on his usual musicality and swag with this Youtube Space studio session by Beatbox Television. This routine is full of classic Chris moves like the casual “yep” and swung beats, but it's also super fresh and exciting!

4. Felix Zenger | Cups + Beatbox

Felix Zenger and Kaboom Percussion are so much fun to watch in this awesome collaboration. Their playfulness and genuine excitement make us smile, and the combination of sounds makes us want to try this at home, right now.

3. Orthobox | America's Got Talent Audition

It’s always good to see beatboxing in the big spotlight, and even better when it’s not just for boots and cats. Congrats on the televised America's Got Talent Audition, Orthobox! Please keep making the tutorials we all have grown to love.

2. Jewow | Studio Session | Wild Beatbox Sounds

Jewow’s innovative sounds and crisp beats make for a great addition to the Swissbeatbox studio sessions. The title is fitting - these sounds are wild. Can’t wait to see what Jewow does next!

1. SkilleR and Kiril | Beatbox & Trombone

This is pretty much everything you want in a beatboxing video: musicality, technicality, swag, and clean looping. Our only complaint is that there aren’t more of these videos out there. More of this please!

BONUS: TylaDubya | Beatbox with Fireworks

This one is another “I’ve gotta try this at home” video. Cool idea and really nice execution. Great job TylaDubya!


That's it for this week!

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