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TOP 10 Beatbox Videos of the Week


This week’s top 10 is all wildcard videos (+Wobbles’ awesome Uber reaction series).

10. Timmeh | Red Microphone Series

B-Art is back at it again with another Red Mic shoutout video with one of his best friends Timmeh, the king of covers. This time he kills it with Sean Paul’s hit, “Legalize it.”

9. Neolizer #ABC2016

There were so many wildcard videos for the 2016 Asia Beatbox Championships that we wanted to include in our list this week and without going in a particular order, we’ve decided to start with Neolizer’s incredible wildcard video. Proudly representing Indonesia and championing the acid-style beatbox, Neolizer puts on a show!

8. This is Zer0 #ABC2016

We had the amazing opportunity to get to know Zer0, the funky lip roll master and learn about his life outside of beatbox. But even after watching this shoutout several times through, we're still blown away by it. Proudly representing Azerbaijan, Zer0 is quickly gaining respect within the community. Big up, brother.

7. Trung Bao #ABC2016

Again without going in any particular order, Trung Bao is yet another prime example of the beatbox renaissance occurring in Asia. Representing Vietnam, Trung Bao pulls off one of the most impressive wildcard videos I’ve ever seen. Keep an eye out for this one! #Power

6. Villain v Elisii | Great North Final

Bruh. Trash talk, incredible beats, hyped crowd, Scott Jackson, you name it – this battle has it all. Villain makes a powerful statement here – showing the world what he’s capable of. It's not all ponies, rainbows, and fairytales here in the beatboxing world. Sometimes, the Villains were destined to win.

5. NaPoM | Use of the Useless

Neil Patrick Meadows, aka NaPoM pulls off yet another original routine for Beatbox TV but in 4k this time. Incredible production quality matched with incredible talent. Maximum respect to both!

4. GUBAL PANArt - " Inviter à la danse "

Okay so this might not exactly be beatbox, but it’s the world champion we're taking about. He pours his heart and soul into this piece and you can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the musicality of this. Wonderful job Alem – you’re an inspiration. More of this please!

3. Uber Beatbox Reactions | Wobbles

All the way from the West Coast, Wobbles recently came out with this fun series where he drives around and records people’s reactions to his beatboxing. He edits in all the best reactions and hilarity ensues. Big up Wobbles!

2. Shortstack | 15 Year Old Lip Roll Master

Wow. There’s not much to say, without getting too excited to see Shortstack flourish in the next few years. Not only does his liprolls sound perfect, his beats are also very well fleshed out. Breathtaking – even more so for a 15 year old!

1. Hiss + Summit | Laser Trap

Hiss and Summit from Korea top our list this week with their Laser Trap routine. Saying these guys would make an incredible tag team would be a massive understatement.

Bonus: Old Man Killing the Mic

According to our friend, Mic Lee, Fishball beatbox teaches beatboxing classes to people around the country, including the elderly. He tells us this is one of his most impressive students!


That's it for this week!

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Thanks for reading! Big ups!

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