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Jimix doing the no hand beatbox challenge

Try the 'no hand beatbox challenge!'

The 'Can You Beatbox Without Waving Around Your Hands?' Challenge is Blowing Up

Yet another beatbox challenge is taking social media by storm. We thought Sparx's spoon-on-the-nose beatbox challenge was hard, but this new challenge invented by Jimix is no joke.

We always joke about watching beatbox videos on mute, mostly because of how funny it is watching beatboxer flail their arms around and do the funniest motions.

In this new challenge in lieu of the Asia Beatbox Battle, Jimix challenges the beatbox community to record a routine without using any form of hand motions. He himself ties his hands together to get the point across.

Here are the official rules:

The 'no hand waving' beatbox challenge

  1. Film a one-minute beatbox clip without waving your hand, and tag 3 beatboxers you know to compete the challenge.
  2.  Every challenger needs to reply the request in 24hrs, if the challenger fails or quits the project, please donate USD$3.00 to the homeless with video proof.
  3. Copy and paste the rules in your description

Here are some of our favorite submissions:




So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and post your videos and be sure to share them with us!


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