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Your Tone! | Top 10 Videos of the Week!

Welcome to Human Beatbox’s Top 10 videos of the week where every week we pull videos from all over the world to create a list of our ten favorites. With all the different events happening around now, this week brought out some incredible content. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

10) Codfish vs Gale | Sydney 7 to Smoke

If you haven’t checked out the Sydney 7 to Smoke battles yet, go do it! While they’re all amazing, this particular battle with Codfish taking on Gale was especially great. With Codfish showing off his powerful bass and Gale showcasing his musicality, this battle easily made our top 10 list.

9) Ozealous | Grandpa Beatboxes in the Hood

Last week we saw Mr. Wobbles dressed up as Jesus beatboxing for strangers, and now this week we present to you Ozealous dressed up as an 80 year old man beatboxing for strangers! The makeup artist was incredible and the reactions from the spectators were amazing.

8) Hiss | Beijing Beatbox

Hiss seems to be everywhere these days, and this week you can find him on the China Beatbox Channel. This routine showcases his musicality, his clean tech, and some powerful bass.

7) Piratheeban vs Zer0 | Beatbox Masters 2017

The skill level between these two beatboxers is insane. And if there’s one thing Piratheeban brings to the stage, it’s energy!

6) Ettoman | My Man

If you’re looking for some insane technicality, look no further! Ettoman from Japan made an appearance on Swissbeatbox this week, and he brought his tech with him. Enjoy!

5) Two.H | Swallow

Two.H is Swissbeatbox’s current artist of the week, and he kicked it off with an amazing solo video. It’s so clean!

4) BBK vs Elisii | GNB 2017

We had to include this Great North Battle semi-final video between BBK and Elisii. Other than the competitors showing off their full range of skills–from tech to bass–the energy in this battle brought it to a whole new level. Villain put it best: “ONE OF THE HYPEST BATTLES I'VE SEEN IN MY LIFE!!!!!!”

3) Pen4enkata | Got Diggity

The beatbox queen has blessed us all once again with another video. Lately she’s gotten into creating loopstation content, and she only seems to be improving! From some ear-pleasing chords, to the clean tech she’s famous for, this video does not disappoint!

2) Pash | Whistle Master

Just when you think you’ve heard it all from one of the Mad Twinz, they hit you with something new. Check out Pash’s latest Swissbeatbox video to hear his famous whistles!

1) Reeps One | Your Tone

Reeps one is back at it with another composition you don’t want to miss! This time he’s teamed up with the London Contemporary Voices, and “beautiful” doesn’t seem like a strong enough word to describe what they’ve put together. So do yourself a favor and watch it!

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