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Top 10 beatbox videos of the week

Zhang Ze goes A capella | Top 10 Beatbox Videos of the Week

Zer0 dominates, Wawad makes funny noises, and Skiller teams up with Zhang Ze in this week's videos!

We're back with your weekly digest of the best beatbox videos from all around the beatbox universe. Without dragging on, let's jump right into it. In 3..2..1...mahnie.

10. Dharni | Pineapple Pen

We can't start this week without mentioning the pineapple pen meme, so here's an obligatory video from Dharni that confirms that this is now a thing. There are tons of more #PPAP beatbox parody out there, but you know - whatever Dharni makes is gold.

9. Wawad | Animal..........Sounds


Wawad, the French maestro who is also known for his "Animals" beatbox routine, I guess you can say he puts a unique spin on it in this video. Go follow him on Instagram and Snapchat for more fun videos 🙂

8. Skiller and Zhang Ze

As the top comment says, I’ve never clicked so fast on a video. Skiller and Zhang Ze have never clicked that fast either. These two power houses partner up in China in this fun video - talk about star power!

7. Chile | 7 to Smoke

The Chilean beatbox community is back at it again with a great video series, this time showcasing their 7 to Smoke beatbox battle. It's really nice to see the community slowly grow over there so please go and take a look and support our brothers and sisters in South America!

6. Audical

For all you old beatbox farts who don’t know who Audical is, better get acquainted because he’s the next big thing. In this video series, Audical freestyles and gives us a little taste of what he’s got. Do I hear 2016 ABC’s candidate?

5. Elisii vs Jaeger

Yet another exciting battle from the Unity u-18 charity battles! Elisii really flexes his muscles here, seems like he’s getting better with every video. It’s a fun one, so sit back and enjoy the battle!

4. Alem | GBBB Showcase

Is Alem the ultimate beatboxer? I think so. The world champion packs another punch with this hard-hitting showcase. Fast fast fast!

3. Dharni | Asia Beatbox Studio Session

Whenever we see Dharni in a video, we know we have to share it. This one’s a special treat, though. Here's 5 minutes of pure beatbox joy.

2. Zer0 | WTF

Choo choo! All aboard the Zer0 hype train! I know all of you who are reading this have probably watched this video, but there is no way I wasn’t leaving this out this week. If you are curious as to who Zer0 is, read more about him in our interview here at HBB. Always phenomenal.

1. Zhang Ze | Mercy

By the time I’m posting this, Zhang Ze only has 500 views on this video. What in the world is going on? He showcases why he’s the 2-time Chinese beatbox champion with his amazing voice. There’s truly no better candidate for the video of the week than this gem! Big ups!


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