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Azel from Italy | Human Beatbox Profile


Azel | Human Beatbox Profile

Name: Giuseppe Cuna

Beatboxer Name: Azel

Location: Emilia Romagna, Italy

About Azel

Azel has never won a beatbox battle in real life, but it hasn't stopped him from being one of the most exciting prospects to come out of the Italian beatbox scene. The regional delegate of the Italian Beatbox Family representing Emilia Romagna hopes to enter into battles and win silverware when he reaches the legal age, but in the meantime, he continues to put his beatbox skills to the test. His accomplishments reach far and wide, but are driven ultimately to produce music and reach an audience with closed minds about the art form. His ability is best showcased in his video with Swissbeatbox, reaching over 106,000 views to showcase his unique ability as a beatboxer - proving his doubters wrong. He continues to push to inspire others within the beatbox community and share the energy he has not only locally but also with his friends abroad,  breaking down any physical constraints that might come from living far away from the larger beatbox communities.

Azel is particularly proud of inventing his own sounds, including the 'Liquid Bass,' which is a combination of an inward bass and a click roll, which you can witness for yourself here:

Azel's unique style is inspired by all kinds of musical genres, ranging from hip-hop to trap, dubstep and electro. He highlights Omni, NaPoM, and Thorsen as his favorite beatboxers, but happily claims that Villain is his favorite of all, because he personally models Villain as the "perfect beatboxer."

In his own words, Azel says, "I want to achieve very many things, like being a perfect beatboxer: which means 100% music, 100% technique, 100% flow. 100% energy, and 100% creativity." His ambition is incredibly inspiring as he promises to continue to help the international beatbox community amidst the busyness of school and life at home.

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