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Polyrhythm B-Art Timmeh Grand BEatbox 2016

Beatboxer Name: B-Art

Full name: Bart Voogt

Country: The Netherlands

Crew: Dutch Beatbox


B-Art is from The Netherlands and started beatboxing in 2010.

He made a splash into the beatbox scene with his wildcard video for the 2013 Emperor of the Mic competition. His unique style of throat and inward bass made him stand out from his peers.

Since he first started, he has won numerous battles and has grown a huge following. He is the two time Dutch Beatbox Champion in both 2014 and 2016. This was two consecutive championship titles as the Netherlands did not have a championship in 2015.

In 2014, B-Art judged the 2014 American Beatbox Championships along with fellow beatboxers, Reeps One, and Michael Winslow. Later that year, he came back to the United States to compete in and won the Battle of the Fifth Element, hosted by Beatbox Television.

Beatbox Battle World Championships 2015

In 2015, B-Art entered the Beatbox Battle World Championships in Berlin, Germany. He made the Top 16 but lost to French beatboxer, Alexinho, in the first round. The loss did not deter B-Art as he later won the European Beatbox Masters tournament held in Bulgaria.

B-Art is a part of a couple of tag teams. The first he was officially a part of was with fellow dutch beatboxer, Timmeh, as the duo, Polyrhythm. In 2016, B-Art paired up with Dutch Beatbox Champion, Ibarra, to form the beatboxer/looper duo, Majestic, in the La Cup Euro Qualifier Showcase battle against Faya Braz and BMG.

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►CHAMPION - Dutch Beatbox Championships (2014, 2016)

►CHAMPION - Battle of the 5th Element [USA] (2014)

►CHAMPION - European Beatbox Masters [Bulgaria] (2015)

►CHAMPION - Beatbox Shootout [Austria] (2016)

►TOP 16 - Beatbox Battles World Championships (2015)

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