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BMG has been a beatboxer since 2007. He creates and reproduces rhythms and special sounds with his mouth. He tours France and Europe performing his skills in shows and battles.

He won his first title in 2009 - the “BATTLE OF SAINT-DENIS.” Since 2010, he has asserted his style in national battles and has appeared on the international scene.
A key date? The year 2012! In France, he won the “TURNTABLE KNOCT OUT” in Nantes and the famous “BATTLE OF THE YEAR” in Nimes. Having won three other championships in Belgium, SuperBMG remains undefeated in that country. He also represented France in the “BEATBOX BATTLE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP" 2012 & 2015 in Berlin and ranks among the top eight in the world.
Then, he focused on team beatboxing. He and his teammate, Alem, were crowned the team beatbox champions of France in 2013, and in 2015 they become the tag team world beatbox champions !

His versatility and his creativity allow him to deliver performances that will make your head spin!

BMG [from Twenteam'8]

Bookings : [email protected] - [email protected]

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