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EKLIPS is both an MC and a beatboxer. He is an imitator of the greatest French and US rappers and learned his art an early age.

A native of the Burgundy region in France, he finally settled in Paris in 2003 and this is when things began to accelerate.

Eklips perfected his stage craft in the underground Parisian scene in clubs such as Batofar, the Gibus Club, L'Elysée Montmartre, Olympia, Zenith, the Grand Palais, Bercy, the Parc des Princes and the Stade de France. He has opened for artists such as DMX, MOP, KOOL SHEN, BUSTA RHYMES, WU-TANG CLAN MAFIA K1 FRY, ZAHO, SNOOP DOGG, GAME, ORELSAN and many more ...

Eklips has appeared on many compilations, mix-tapes and a street albums with his former band The Cure as well as artist such as ROHFF, KERY JAMES, YOUSSOUPHA, MATT HOUSTON, SINIK, sherifa LUNA, JEFF THE NERVE, Soulkast, AMEL BENT ... and the list goes on! They have all benefitted from his extraordinary talent.

His vocal performances have featured on countless videos viewed millions of times on YouTube. One of them: "The Most Amazing Beatbox Video Ever !!!! / History of HIPHOP in 4 Minutes" has over 38 million views !!! and received a Webby Award for best "Brand entertainement" in New York City May 21, 2012. His talent has also led to lend his voice for dubbing of cartoons, radio and TV and for adverts for brands including Lipton, Monopoly Junior, Sun, Bouygues, etc.

His ability to command attention with his skills has earned him a place on a 2008 tour with legendary group SUPREME NTM 5 Bercy and later at the Parc des Princes! during their comeback.

Eklips' reputation as a "Showman" has led him to travel the world: NEW YORK, TOKYO, LAS VEGAS, HONG KONG, MARRAKECH, BUCHAREST, LONDON, IBIZA, DUBAI, BERLIN ... (the list goes on again)

After a one man musical explosive show: "THE CRAZY SHOW", in December 2012 he released his first solo musical project "SKYZOFRENCH RAP" a concept EP.  It featured his impersonations of the biggest stars of American rap such as Snoop Dogg, Drake, Rick Ross, Jay-Z ... and also through the cream of French rap: Rohff, Booba, Soprano, Medine, Sefyu, Lino, youssoupha, sinik, Kery James - all from the EKLIPS MOUTH!

Eklips achieved the impossible by uniting with BOOBA ROHFF on the same song simply titled "Reconciliation" which led him to perform at the last Urban Peace 3 in September 2013.

Since May 12, 2014 the new challenge was to create an album called "MONSTER" collaborating with Stargate-Music, Jo Capo (USA), Fred The Magician, Diesel, Skit and Eklips himself on the beatbox. Also featuring with real this time (no imitation): Youssoupha, Vicelow, Admiral T, Grodash, Natty Boss, Dany Dan, Biga Ranx, Jeff Le Nerf and Mourad Moox.

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