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Emcee Graffiti

Emcee Graffiti is a Hip-Hop head from Schenectady, New York (Currently residing in Albany, NY). While beatboxing at the age of 6 and rapping at the age of 12, this '87 born buck was bred to rock the mic. Growing up to the sounds of Sam Cooke, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Queen, Johnny Cash and many others -- His first real taste of Hip-Hop came circa '92 when a neighborhood friend brought a boombox outside. The following lines will forever be a part of Emcee Graffiti's early memories: "For all you sucker MC's perpetratin a FRAUD / Your rhymes are cold wack and keep the crowd cold lost / You're the kind of guy that girl ignored / I'm drivin Caddy, you fixin a FORD" -- If you don't know what that is, please, look it up!! -- They rhythm, the bassline, the energy, the hard hitting rhymes; this is what helped create this aspiring Microphone's Child. Influenced by every form of music from Wu-Tang Clan to Blind Melon, Beres Hammond to Rakim, and Grandmaster Flash to Journey -- Emcee Graffiti is sure to give you thought provoking lyrics, charismatic flows, and Hip-Hop at it's finest.


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