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Flashburn 117

Beatbox Name: Flashburn 117

Full Name: Austin Chin

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Current town: Chicago, Illinois


Flashburn, 21 years old from Chicago, discovered beatboxing in sophomore year of high school, when he saw a Youtube video of Reeps One’s interview for the 2009 World Champs where he did a famous dubstep routine.  He loves the creative potential of beatbox, getting inspired while making “new sounds, beats, songs” with “nothing but myself.”  “The sky’s the limit,” he proclaims. He beatboxes around Chicago, getting shows to do through friends, connections, and a talent organization.  He also makes the occasional video on Youtube, or visits the Teamspeak.

Down the road he wants to make his name more known, make beatboxing respected by the music world, and get others to talk about what needs fixing in the beatboxing community.  He feels this would be best accomplished by first  winning a big beatbox battle, even though he believes the results of battles aren’t very meaningful: “Beatboxing is music.  Just because someone won a battle doesn't actually mean they are the better beatboxer.”

Contact info: [email protected]

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