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Francisco Romero (aka FriScO) was born and raised in San Francisco, California. At 23
years of age, Francisco is a world renowned professional beatboxer known as the official 2010
United States Beatbox Champion. His unique beatboxing incorporates robotic effects, a one of a
kind electronic bass, and realistic percussion sounds. Through this, he creates original beats
that integrate various music genres using only his mouth and vocals. Francisco has been
beatboxing for six years, developing his talent with time, practice, and dedication.

Francisco has traveled around the United States and Europe competing and performing
in front of thousands of people. Known officially as the first American Beatbox Champion,
Francisco has qualified and competed for the American Beatbox Championships every year so far.
He has also competed overseas against the best
beatboxers in the world. After winning a wildcard video contest, he was chosen to travel to Graz,
Austria to compete in the 2010 "Emperor of Mic" World beatbox battle. Then in March of 2012, he
was invited and competed in the 2012 World Beatbox Battle Championships in Berlin, Germany
representing the United States.


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