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Helium | Beatbox Profile

Beatboxer Name: Helium
Full Name: Peter Sarancha
Birthdate: December 11, 1997
Country: Russia


Why did you start Beatboxing?

I started 7 years ago. When I was a kid I took dance classes and wrote different short tracks, listened to a lot of music. Once my parents bought me a mobile phone, a touch-tone Samsung, it had a ringtone called “DJ Alligator”. I started copying the sounds of the ringtone and got carried away. I left dance classes. I spent all my free time beatboxing, practicing for 7-8 hours per day. After a month I already had my performances at a club.

Who inspired you?

From the very beginning it was Beardyman, Masta Mic and Reeps One. What Reeps One was doing was something incredible for me, for example the throat bass. Later on I found out Alem for me. Alem gave me a huge impetus when I started to learn more about his art of beatboxing 5-6 years ago. Even right now some of his old routines are still get me all pumped.

How did you learn to beatbox?

Nobody ever taught me, I just copied what I heard. I never watched video tutorials. The only one I had seen, was a bongo drum tutorial though I got this sound after 4 years. Other sounds I just listened and copied.

What music influences you?

I'’m fond of jazz, jazz hop, blues and classical music. Sometimes I listen to deep house.

Describe your style?

Accent is very important for me. It’s always important for me to stand out with some accent to make my beats sound unique, to make them sound different to other beatboxers beats, and to produce my beatbox in a maximally interesting way. I can'’t directly describe my style. My goal is to make my beatbox sound interesting to listen to. Not just to nod to the beat but I want people to be interested in my beatbox from the technical and structural point of view and as well from the musical too if possible.

What goals do you have?

I never set myself specific goals - to win a championship, etc. My goal is to keep loving beatbox, ideally for my whole life. In general, my goal is to show my art and never stop developing. I never have thought about winning.

What goals have you achieved?

I won the Russian Beatbox Championship in 2017 and passed the selection to Grand Beatbox Battle 2018. But the most important thing I learned was how to build up my relationships with beatbox. I learned to feel when I need to sharpen a sound, when it requires special attention. I learned to enjoy this process. My greatest achievement I would characterize as the following: I have reached an understanding of the beatbox as a fine art and not just a set of sounds.


►CHAMPION | Russian Beatbox Championship (2017)
►CHAMPION | Winter Beatbox Skills (2015) 

► TOP 4 | Russian Beatbox Championship (2014)
► TOP 16 | Russian Beatbox Championship (2013)


►Swissbeatbox | Master of Zipper (2016)
►Swissbeatbox | Finest Zipper Beats (2017)

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**Special Thanks to LindaNoMercy and T-Say for translating this interview**

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