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Ryo Fujimoto (aka Humanelectro) is from Kobe-Shi, Hyogo, Japan and in 2015 lives in Berlin, Germany.

Check out these quotes:

"Ryo, born in Japan but based in Berlin, is a whirling dervish of a performer. Vocal fragments do indeed form percussion, but listening to the artist himself is like listening to a human sampler. Sounds from his voice and assembled electronics spin and build in dizzying, hypnotic splendor, rapid-fire lyrics reaching frenzied proportions, before being dialed back more contemplative mantras." - Create Digital

"Beatboxer Ryo 'HumanElectro' Fujimoto is a thrilling performer,mixing his impressive vocal percussion with synths and loops, while tweaking effects using hardware controllers and the gesture-based LEAP motion." - Ableton Live

"I watch this Lawnmower Man-esque clip of beatboxer Humanelectro, I feel like the days of our old instruments are numbered." - Co.Design (New York)

In his early years, Ryo Fujimoto was just a regular guy from Kobe. At the age of 14 he took on the still very young instrument of beatboxing and obsessively worked on the technique - experiencing all kinds of music through practice and performance over the years. Starting from scratch he kept growing and walking to become the artist he is today, though certainly not finished yet.

He continuously works on spreading the possibilities of the instrument, inventing what he calls HUMANELECTRO, neither category nor genre, but the musical art project of a cultural genius.

Transition became a vital part of this artistic process after he left Japan in March 2011. He came to Berlin, where he immediately connected to the international scene under the influence of technology, electronic music, European wealth, social diversity and ecological awareness. He kept listening and learning, meditated at Treptower Park and played many sessions, concerts, public places, radio stations and studios.

Two years later the conceptual backdrop of his art sees electricity becoming the global city of connected souls, while distortion is hindering all human efforts from calculable success, and the human cell - as a symbol for the origin of life - is run more and more by oil than by blood. A post- apocalyptic scenery for sure, nonetheless all portrayed individuals and even the machines come across as caring, passionate, authentic, and vivid. With seismic sensitivity Ryo Fujimoto is creating songs on the edge of all borders, walls, continents, and plates.

Using all means to his reach his every effort lies on exposing his soul from within, exhibitioning it in public performances to connect to other people, and recording pieces on many occasions to document the liberating process of blooming thought. In his many projects with international musicians he likes to experience the power of collectives and communication, too. Enriching and gaining from group processes, he’s again not minding any gaps between styles and backgrounds, but bridging them in the few moments he has with the others. So in these experiments new planets can form new galexies, little parralel universes are created, and hidden dimensions suddenly rendered explorable.

Recently, He started his 'Ryo Fujimoto Asia Tour' and 'Ryo Fujimoto World Tour', a 6 country and 30 city tour which was really successful. Later on also started playing at DOMMUNE Japan and some other Europian Music Festivals.

His video using Leap Motion became a very hot topic all over the world by getting featured by Gizmodo, Creative Applications, CoDesign (NY), CDM. Also his live video was featured by  ”Ableton Live”, and received critical acclaim from all over the world. Furthermore he has played with Grammy winning artist Robert Glasper.

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