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Beatbox Name: KevinwithaK

Full Name: Kevin Kapoor

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Kevin, 21 years old from Atlanta, Georgia, was a percussionist for his middle school band, naturally inclined to bang on things and make beats.  After watching videos like those by Daichi, he discovered that you could do the same with his mouth and began picking up the basics.  After a failed beatbox club in high school, he managed to start a crew at with Choicebeats at Georgia Tech, called GT BuzzBeats.  Four years later, they’ve opened for artists like 3OH!3, Dev, and B.o.B., on top of various performances on campus and at local venues.  

He felt “pretty stagnated” in terms of skill, until he got inspired at the 2015 Midwest Beatbox Battle to “adopt more musical sounds and extend my soundboard.”  He claims that “85%” of his beatboxing skill was developed over the last 3 months.  He’s inspired by music and musical beatboxers, citing Gene, Dharni, and Alexinho as favorites.  In the short term, he wants to travel to more events besides those at southern venues and make top 16 at a national competition.  In the long term, he’s looking to compete internationally and see even more of the beatbox family he loves.

His stage name came about in the 2015 at the Amrican Beatbox Championships. Up until then, he had gone with his real name of Kevin. After some joking during his elimination round with the judges about spelling, he replied "its Kevin with a 'K'".

Social media: @buzzbeats

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