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KRNFX | Beatboxer Profile

Beatboxer Name: KRNFXkrnfx-profile
Full name: Terry Im
Country: Canada


Terry has been beatboxing since at a young age. As a young child, Terry grew up in a musical family. 

"At a very early age I remember being hugely influenced by music, and some of my first memories are of me mimicking my father's piano playing and singing.” - Terry Im

His parents encouraged him to learn to play the piano, flute and drums. Of which, the drums fascinated him with the “endless possibilities of different rhythms and combinations of sounds”, to the point that he would imitate the drums with his mouth, starting his road down beatboxing. 

When Terry was 17, he entered into the 2007 South Korean Beatbox Championships and won. At the time, Canada did not have an official national beatbox battle. He later won again in 2009. 

He returned to Toronto and competed in smaller battles, winning the Kollaboration Battle in 2008 and the Toronto Championships in 2010. 

KRNFX winner of the 2010 and 2011 Canadian Beatbox Championships

KRNFX then competed in the first Canadian championships, winning in 2010 and 2011 making him the first Canadian Champion and first to win two years in a row (This feat was also achieved by BBK in 2014 and 2015).

KRNFX was a regular on Emperor of the Mic from 2010-13, an event hosted by Vokal.Total (later known as The Shootout). 

Since his battle days, KRNFX has made a big name for himself. He was a finalist on the first season of Canada’s Got Talent, was a guest performer on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 

His hometown city of Toronto, honored Terry by listing him as one of the top 30 Reasons to Love Toronto in 2013. Despite that, Terry later moved to California to pursue his dreams, but returns to Toronto regularly. 

In the same year, KRNFX toured with the band, Walk Off the Earth, on their European tour. 

Currently, Terry Im is living in Los Angeles, CA. He is performing with various performers and solo acts. He has regularly put out well produced videos of himself performing popular covers on a loopstation and has been featured on various YouTube channels, such as the “Eh Bee Family” and “Walk Off the Earth”. 

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►CHAMPION - South Korean Beatbox Championships (2007, 2009)
►CHAMPION - Canadian Beatbox Championships (2010, 2011)
►VICE CHAMPION - Grand Beatbox Battle (2011)
►TOP 16 - Beatbox Battle World Championships (2009, 2012)
►TOP 8 - Beatbox Battle World Championships (2015)

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